Ombre coloring with dark brown hair

Ombre Coloring

«Ombre» is a French word that means shadow, however, brune often used, on the contrary, for clarification. The essence of this method is to use small amounts of colors in different shades to create a smooth transition along the entire length of the hair. Ombre, which is catching on and is becoming more sought after than home appliances in recent times.

Dark Ombre coloring, medium length straight hair

Very often the girls in this technique, we try to preserve the natural color without dyeing. In this case, the coloring is natural. However, there are extravagant women who prefer a strong transitions, while the choice stopped on acid colors, bright pink and emerald.

For coloring hair in this style, firstly, you need to choose shades. While a woman’s lifestyle, character and personality are very important. Without a doubt, it is necessary to take into account age, height and activities.

If the woman is a rebel by nature, her dress Ombre with very sharp transitions. If a woman is calm and balanced, it is necessary, when creating coloration, to make soft and smooth, transitions, sometimes close to her natural hair color.

Women with straight dark hair, good lighting, preferably 3-tone, which over dark close in color nuance. However, the right, without curl, the hair needs to create the transition, otherwise all the defects and sharp edges cut the eye.

The direct advantages of Ombre-style hair dye are:
visually it becomes thick with hair, without difficulty, you can create different types of coloring at home, creating an original and quite single image with the use of various shades of paint, the procedure is more delicate and helps to maintain the health of hair.

Please notice! Ombre, in most cases, allows you to preserve the natural color of the hair, to make it dark or to darken only the ends. This technology is ideal for women with a very intense day, which can not fail to visit the Hairdresser often. The roots that grow, seem quite natural.

Ombre for medium-length dark hair: color box

Pretty good and unusual appearance, this style of medium-length hair has a dark color.

From the offer shades on the hair are suitable:
a transition to white, caramel, blond, red.

If curly hair, then doing the coloring is much easier, as due to curls and the edges will not be noticeable. The presence of curled hair offers a greater choice of colors to create ombre.

Very good on medium-length hair and dark color classic look Ombre (soft transition from dark to light color). However, you need to consider the type of color, the women, and the other variations to create to color. So, if the type of color refers to the heat, Ombre will look good, using red, gold, honey and shades of red.

But women with a fresh complexion very well positioned for the transition from natural to platinum, silver and cold blonde in color. For the bravest will be the bright colors approach, up to the acid yellow.

Along with classic visualization there are a lot of different technology options considered, which can be created in medium-length hair, has a dark color.

Painting along the strands of hair (horizontally), creates a certain effect of beautiful flame flickering. In this case, the hair creates bright accents that mimic flames. It is necessary to use more than 2 tones suitable for each other. Colors may be closer to the natural tone, and it is absolutely not close.

Dark-medium shades of hair: photo


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