Hair 2019: Ombre blond hair for Serena Williams


Serena Williams becomes blonde here is the ombre hair of the American superstar tennis player.

Serena Williams did not win at Wimbledon under the eyes of her dear friend Meghan Markle and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, but on the other hand she gave herself a new look. From blackberry to blonde thanks to the ombré shading technique. We see the new hair of one of the most well-known and paid sports women in the world.

Serena Williams’ blonde hair

The blond is known is always trendy, it is now and will be next year too, it is a fascinating hair color that has always conquered women, in addition to men and boys who lately are dyed their heads more or less like blond Fedez. Here, however, we are talking about a legend in world sport: the tennis player Serena Williams who recently twisted her look with a honey-blonde head and chestnut roots. A coloring technique that translates into hairdressing in the hair parlance.

Williams showed off her new hairstyle during the party organized by the Sports Illustrated magazine in Los Angeles, and which the tennis player dedicated a cover to calling her one of the most fashionable athletes in the world. Indeed it is. Many covers have been dedicated to her from fashion magazines at Forbes, Williams can win or lose but she remains in the history of sport, she has given so much now.

In terms of fashion, the US tennis player has always chosen the best. We recall in this regard that for the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Williams wore a Valentino dress, thanking Instagram on Pier Paolo Piccioli, designer of the Roman fashion house.

For the occasion of the Sports Illustrated Fashionable party, Williams wore a vinyl pencil skirt (another fashion trend) a white top and layered gold necklaces. But the blond shade of her hair is the aspect of her look that stands out the most.

When it comes to the hairstyle, instead of her natural curly hair that we have seen many times on the tennis court, here we see her with long wavy hair and above all shiny.

Behind the total transformation of Serena Williams’ hair is a good hairstilist: Vernon François who has made the most famous tennis player in the world a sensual blonde in line with 2019 hair trends.

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