‘Oil slick’: the perfect mermaid hair for women chestnuts

Oil slick

There is a new trend of hair in the city, and the chestnut women are jumping with emotion because it is perfect for us! Styles for hair there are many, but much of our favorite looks, like rainbow hair, require intense discoloration that makes dark hair suffer. Well, not the slick oil!

The trend was created especially for brown or black tones, and it bears this name because the inspiration comes from the color that the oil spilled on the ground takes, and oil slick literally means “oil stain“.

It’s dark, mysterious and colorful

The best thing is that the damage to the hair is minimal

Well, you do not need extreme discoloration to get this result

The effect is created by combining different colors

It’s like mermaid hair but dark

And it definitely reminds us of oil spilled on the ground

It’s the trend that the chestnuts were waiting for

For we had always envied the hair with pastel shades

The best thing is that it can be striking

The subtle … you decide!

You can even paint only the bottom of your hair

It will be a secret between you and your stylist!

And although the effect on the brunettes is great

There is also its clearest version for blondes

We love it!


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