Newly washed greasy hair: useful tips and probable causes

Greasy hair

Here’s how to prevent the unpleasant problem of newly washed greasy hair and the most effective remedies. Follow our advice in this piece to understand how to do it

Have you washed your hair recently and notice that your hair begs for mercy? Do you feel an unpleasant feeling of dirt and don’t know how to do it? Let’s find out how to prevent the unpleasant problem of newly washed greasy hair and the most effective remedies to have your hair always at the top.

Greasy hair just washed: the mistakes you should never make

Our body and our hair are the result of our good and bad habits. Therefore, thanks to simple and daily actions, you can help your hair become invigorated, making it more voluminous and shining. Below are the most common mistakes that anyone has committed at least once in their life.

Mistake number 1: A hectic lifestyle

It is known, the increasingly frequent commitments and a hectic lifestyle do not benefit the health of our scalp which tends to get dirty frequently. Smog, smoke and pollution are among the main enemies of our hair so it is necessary to give our hair what it needs: a purifying shampoo, a good conditioner and a regenerating hair mask can be the ideal recipe to survive to intense days.

Mistake number 2: wash your hair too often

If on the one hand washing your hair is absolutely fundamental for the survival of our hair and the care of our personal hygiene, on the other hand it is not even good to wash our hair more than is required. It is sufficient to wash them at a rate of about two or three times a week, but if the hair wash does not wait, make sure you use a shampoo suitable for frequent washing.

Mistake number 3: use excessively aggressive products

If it is true that the best way to maintain a clean and healthy hair is to use purifying products, it is equally true that they should not be excessively so. If we tend to remove more sebum than is required, this will only triple its production with disastrous consequences for our hair.

Mistake number 4: Do not follow a diet rich in fruit and vegetables

If it is true that we are the result of what we eat, this is equally true if our goal is to have clean, strong and healthy hair. This is why fruit and vegetables should never be missing from your diet in your table.

Greasy hair just washed: how to save your hair in just a few steps

Once you have identified the causes that led your hair to be greasy despite having just been washed, it will be easy to identify the possible remedies to get your hair back to its original state. Here are some of the main remedies.

Remedy number 1: for every type of hair its shampoo

Different type of hair means different type of treatment and consequently a specific shampoo to be used during washing. It goes without saying that if a hair is very fat you will have to use a purifying shampoo, while if your hair is dry, you will need a more nutritious product.

Remedy number 2: periodically use a good hair mask

As effective as a shampoo may be, a treatment will not be complete unless a good hair mask is used periodically to be used at the end of a stressful week. Many masks are available on the market, but if you want to be on the safe side, surely your trusted hairdresser will be able to give you the right advice. If you are a DIY lover, why not try your hand at a delicious homemade hair mask? Online there are many video guides that will be able to satisfy your curiosity.

Remedy number 3: change shampoo periodically

Just as our wardrobe needs a change of season, even the shampoo must be replaced periodically. In fact, depending on the shampoo, our scalp responds differently, which is why if we notice that the shampoo no longer acts as it should, simply replace it with a similar product. The new agents inside the shampoo will immediately be received and will reinvigorate the hair.

Newly washed greasy hair: contact your trusted specialist

The first step to put an end to the problem of greasy hair, however, is always to hear the opinion of a trusted specialist such as a hairdresser or even a good dermatologist who, thanks to a thorough check-up, can prescribe the most suitable treatment for your hair.


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