Newest Women’s Haircuts 2019

women's haircuts 2019

This post is for you, woman, who wants to get out of the rut, changing her hair in 2019, if she sees a new face, or wants to try new changes but that is without any reference in the fashion world. Here we will try to reach the largest possible segment of women, from the hair curly, flat, long, medium or short.

It is always good to find that hairstyle that shows a little of our personality and with which we feel good. After all, it’s worthless a hairstyle desired by most women when you do not feel comfortable and comfortable with it.

Hair is a very important detail for the woman, and it can be extremely versatile, regardless of the type of hair. There are a number of ways you can innovate your cut so you do not spend too much or not too “fancy” for your style.

The hair deserves special care since it is able to transform the look, increase self-esteem and highlight the femininity of any woman. In order to be able to choose the ideal cut, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors, such as hair type; thin or thick. And also, the texture of each hair is taken into consideration; smooth, curled, curly or curly. The shape and characteristics of the face also vary, being they; square, oval, triangular etc … So you may have to go for the trends of a cut that will value your face.

The hair is extremely versatile and depending on where we are going, this calls for a specific treatment. Sometimes we come across some social ones of which our presence is indispensable, as is the case of parties and graduations. Special and unique moments like these deserve special attention.

Finally, here are some tips from the 2019 Women’s Haircuts;

Short Haircut 2019

For those who like to grow a shorter type of hair, to avoid that heat sensation in the summer, here’s some good news: This kind of cut will be very well valued in the year 2019.

Asymmetric cut

For those who are not yet familiar with this cut, it has as premise a look with a more stripped-down look and at the same time a hint of sensuality, modernity and joviality. The purpose of this model is to get out of the sameness and to vary the length of the yarns in a non-fully structured way, which can be longer in the front and shorter behind – or the other way around. Or it can be asymmetrical on the side, creating a cool look. The cool thing about this look is that you can tailor it the way you prefer or that more identify, so it is ideal for those who like to have a more daring style.

And for you who have never thought about trying this kind of cut, here are some photos to inspire you:

The short female haircuts arrive much more natural, with irregular wires and gaining prominence on the catwalks. Artists and women from all corners are sticking to this asymmetrical cut. It can be used for all types of hair, but it takes special care with the yarn to leave it in a more bare form without leaving aside the healthy appearance of it.

Blunt Cut

The Blunt Cut is already the darling among many women, while it is simple, it ends up becoming sophisticated because it is a straight cut all over with straight tips in chanel length. It stands out for being a very youthful and modern cut that can be adapted in relation to length.

For those who opt for this type of hairstyle, you should be aware of how long the hair is being maintained. It is recommended, every 45 days, to perform a kind of maintenance to ensure that your hair does not lose its cut shape nor its striking identity. If you have conditions, it is also highly recommended that you use hair folders and ointments, to keep the look flawless.

Also the cuts are not left out of this type of haircut!

Some experts explain how this cut should be performed as efficiently as possible: “In the frontal region, we should follow the trapezoids (bones) line and, to add movement and a stripped-down look, we need to create some gradations in length and ends, at different angles to a slightly disconnected effect. ”

This is a type of cut that can shape the face type of each person, and can make some slight changes that, to the final result, will show the characteristic features in the best possible way. So, unlike many people think, this type of cut can be used by people who have more curly or wavy hair, provided that the person is aware that this type of cut tends to bring more volume to the end.

Chanel cut with highlights

This is already a model well-known by women and perhaps many of you who are reading this matter have already joined. Whoever used it knows that one always has that taste of “I want more” and is tempted to cut the hair as it used to be. For all cases – for those who have tried this cut and for those who do not – know that chanel hair will trend in the year 2019, but with some changes. One is in the way that hairstyle will be presented.

Previously only women with extremely straight hair were seen using this cut. But over time, this has been changing. There is currently a palette of possibilities to be explored that is much larger than previously seen. So, for the curly and wavy that always wanted to use this cut, this is your time!

Another change that this year 2019 will bring to the chanel hair, is the greatest variety of change. For example, the chanel style with peaked tips. Or, if you do more or your style, you can invest in base grades, pegs, bangs in side or straight versions in that cut.

A tip for anyone who wants to adhere to this look is to always look for a capillary care routine, since the porous and dry appearance can make the cut misaligned and without movement.

Cuts for curly hair 2019

Curly hair deserves its space, volume and all beauty on women’s faces. By 2019 they follow the trends of medium and long cuts that value the volume and the natural curls. The natural beauty of the hair is highlighted for the season.

Layered cutting

The trend of the layered cut for women with curly hair continues with everything in 2019. The cut ensures movement and texture to the threads, further enhancing the beauty of the curls.

To adopt this haircut, it is not necessary to change the length of the strands and not even tampered with in any way. And, moreover, this cut guarantees more movement and lightness for the curls. As everyone already knows, curly hair tends to be much bulkier than straight hair, and this type of cut helps in the distribution of these curly “waves”, making it more funky.

Who chooses to stop this type of cut, should pay attention to one thing. This type of cut has two functions; to make the hair even more bulky or, if it is of your preference, less bulky.

This happens because, depending on the technique that is applied at the time of cutting, the volume may be more or less prominent. That is why it is always important to talk to the hairdresser before the final transformation and make clear what you want, to avoid any kind of misunderstanding.

For example, in the case of layers made longer and only at the ends, the bunches gain weight and balance only at the ends. Already visuals with pegs along the length enhance the full appearance and shapes of the strands.

Cutting for long hair 2019

Long hair continues to be preferred by many women who do not give up the beauty of their hair. They never go out of style and certainly are a charm at any time of the year, be it curly, curly or smooth. But having a long, gorgeous hair is not an easy task as it is necessary to care for, moisturize and eliminate the double and weak tips to ensure vitality to the wires.

Peaked tips

The cuts for the long hair trend are those that have the tips peaked and also in layers to bring movement and lightness to the wires. Surely this is one of the most requested cuts by women who do not give up a long.

The long hair gets very well the pick of the yarn because of its weight. This type of cut is good for those women who have straight and thin hair, but without much volume. The peg works very well for these women because the peaked layers end up giving volume to the strands.

Straight cut

There are a variety of haircuts that will trend in the year 2019 but that is not why the straight cut will stay behind. Following the Blunt Cut trend for the short, he also reaches the long hair with the straight cut of the ends.

This type of cut is ideal for you who are looking for a minimalist and simple model, but that does not give up an air of elegance and modernity. It can also serve those women who want to change but are scared, considering that it is a simpler cut but that is full of attitude and is able to change your look considerably.

The purpose of this look is to keep hair straight and homogeneous, with no frayed layers or wicks. A tip for anyone who wants to use this look is always to be careful about the frizz of the hair, as this can spoil the look somewhat “perfectionist”.


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