New Year 2020 hairstyles: 70 beautiful hair looks

2020 new year hairstyles

The most beautiful hairstyles for New Year 2019! Lots of images and ideas to take inspiration from!

New Year is the perfect time to dare! No matter where we spend the evening, a new, different and particular hairstyle cannot be missing to enter the new year triumphantly. Here are many images with the most beautiful New Year 2020 hairstyles from which to take inspiration and to copy!

New Year’s Hairstyles

Obviously, even the simplest hairdo can turn into something more elaborate if we decide to add clasps, rhinestones, jewel pegs and other hair accessories. There are hair looks that seem complex, but in reality they can be easily made at home, without the need to go to the hairdresser. Let’s discover many wonderful ideas for last year’s hairstyles!

Semi-collected Hair for New Year

The seeds collected on the nape of the neck can be smooth, curly, wavy, with ringlets, but also with braids, with closed staple tails. Cotton effect and maxi volume, elegant side parting or fringe: the semi-gathered is the most requested among the New Year hairstyles. An ideal hairstyle for those with long hair or medium length hair. These photos will give you many ideas from which to take inspiration to choose your New Year’s hairstyle.

Hairstyles for Medium Hair for The Last Of The Year

If you have medium hair you can opt for simple but effective New Year’s hairstyles, such as a low tail moved or gathered in a large ringlet. These are hairstyles that are easy to obtain with a curling iron, for a look that can become sparkling like fireworks. Like? Adding hair accessories such as rhinestones and clasps and choosing them based on the evening you will spend, whether at a friend’s house between lentils and cotechino or at a disco party. If you like to dare, we suggest you try hair glitter!

New Year’s hair, Ponytail

The ponytail can become the jolly hairstyle of the New Year if combined with makeup and jewelry! High, super smooth and shiny, or left unmoved but not messy, the ponytail becomes chic and minimal.

Hairstyles with New Year’s Braids

Thin braids with disheveled length, but also more precise and elaborate hairstyles, where the braid and lengths alternate to create a unique hairstyle. And then a classic braid or an ear of wheat, nests of braids that cross each other or single braids that end in a bun, you have so many options that it will be difficult to choose!

Simple New Year’s Hairstyles

The ringlets are romantic, give to all and are easy to obtain, therefore perfect for the evening that will accompany us around January 2020! The hairstyles with the curls, then, are really infinite, from a simple low tail with a small crown braid to the sensual loose on the shoulder. These are simple hairstyles for New Years to be done in a short time, even alone at home, just have a good curling iron or a plate for curls.

New Year’s Hairstyles for Short Hair

You can also be imaginative with New Year’s hairstyles for short cuts! The classic bob can be volumised with a soft side wave. The long bob are instead livened up by messy-style semi-gathered with braids and torchons, while those with too short hair to style them can opt for a fine and bright band of rhinestones.

New Year Hairstyles Hair Gathered

Are you looking for original hairstyles for medium or long hair? The harvest always solves the evenings, including New Years! The ways to collect hair are infinite, from straight or curly, from wavy or curls, without frills or with rich hair accessories. There is no shortage of ideas and you can go from a simple soft crop to a structured and complex hairstyle: the choice is yours!

Hairstyles for Lady for New Year

The crop for New Year’s Eve can be daring at the extravagant cottons and shapes, but even the classic crop, with soft locks left free, always has its effect! For a formal and chic New Year, the well-pulled hairstyle is always the best option, as well as the mix of well-smooth hair and curls to give panache.

Chignon for New Year

The classic bun must never be discarded, not even on New Year’s Eve! Simple and messy or bulky and tidy, enriched with glamorous details, the chignon is never out of place. An original alternative is the chignon with braids. You can use donuts to create maxi chignon or, again, create a thick braid! The French twist remains a great classic to be embellished with bobby pins or a jewel comb! There are really many ways to make chignon, here are the pictures of the most beautiful!

DIY New Year Hairstyles Tutorial

Finally here are some step by step tutorials to follow and copy! All you need is hairpins, elastics and possibly a hair straightener to create special textures. The advice is to always volumize the hair attached to the head a little before starting!

How will you spend New Year’s Eve? You will surely do the classic countdown from 10 seconds before midnight, until you reach zero, when you wish a happy new year, toast by uncorking the sparkling wine and watching the fireworks. Don’t forget to eat the white grapes that bring good luck! As for the hair, you just have to choose your favorite New Year 2020 hairstyle! Which one did you appreciate most? What hairstyle will you try to do? Say it in the comments!


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