New short haircuts 2019. Images for the summer and after


The short or medium short cuts are the latest hair trends. Here’s how the newest 2019 hairstyles of the season are. You can find them in these images that show you the new hairstyles to show off from now until after summer.

There are short or medium haircuts that once chosen it becomes difficult to abandon them for a change. This often happens when the cut is the one that best suits our face shape and the type of hair we have. Precisely for this reason many of the images you will see show cuts and colors that will go out of style even after the summer. We have selected them from the best hair cuts 2019 proposed by the hairstylists who dictate the trends. Probably, after you have seen the photos, you too will be tempted to change your style.

Short hair scaled with a bangs

The short bangs, the full or scaled bangs characterize many short hairstyles of 2019. This is for example the choice of the Margossian French salons that aim to highlight an elegant smooth short and a nice shade for gray hair.

In sharp contrast from Paris always come trends of short cuts with bangs of rock inspiration, very trendy and very scaled. For example, like this in the image, created on a Titian blond head and enhanced by a copper-colored bathroom.

The deliberately decomposed bangs and the scaling give movement to this type of short inspiration inspired by the 80s. The color is a soft blond by Wella, or if you prefer butter blond. Ideal for light complexions.

To make this type of cut on a bright red head, the company team of Beauty was inspired by three faces of different women: the beautiful Linda Evangelista, Audrey Hepburn and Gigi Hadid. The result is a hairstyle that enhances those with an oval face and delicate features, while highlighting the eyes.

He prefers dark hair Mauro Situra artistic testimonial of the Go Coppola brand for this cut with a bangs, it is one of the most beautiful hairstyles of the whole season.

Short hair without bangs

Among the new short female haircuts there are many ideas to copy from bangs-free hairstyles. These are shorter cuts behind with volume at the root and the long tuft on the side, like this hairstyle created on a smooth brown hair.

They are suitable for rejuvenating a face all unstructured haircuts with intentionally disheveled hairstyles. For example, this idea that comes out of the Margossian salons is enhanced by the trend-setting platinum blonde for 2019.

This instead is a slightly choppy and very versatile cut that leaves you free to wear the hair with the side line or even with the disheveled bangs if you want to change. The color is a very beautiful warm blond accentuated in the front by lightening.

2019 medium short cut

If you are undecided and wondering how long it takes to grow your hair, then the very short cut is not suitable for you. But this does not limit you, if you want to change your hairstyle you can always opt for a nice medium or short cut that enhances smooth hair. Here are the trend-setting medium-short runs for 2019. Scaling and movement are the perfect match for those with fine hair. Look at this cut by Anh Co Tran, despite being paraded you change your look without you realizing you have cut your hair.

If you like the idea of wearing a soft and fluffy bob, take a cue from this medium-short yoke that thanks to the scaling highlights the copper-red reflections on a brown base. Managing it will be easy, all you need is a spray to give volume and a light gel to give the hair the disheveled effect.

If you love to wear even hair and a tidier hairstyle, the winning idea is to focus on a defined-cut bob that lets you vary styling like this. The chosen color gives the amber complexions and will accompany you throughout the summer and after


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