10 Good reasons to consider the ‘neon peach’ your next hair tone

Neon peach hair

It has already been since the year 2017 started and we have not yet seen an interesting trend for hair color, we seem to have been trapped in rainbow hair, and to be honest, most people already we have tired of colored hair.

We need something different and to help us highlight our personality. Well, neon peach hair may be the answer. This new tone, besides being bright and intense, will give you a fresher look for the summer. These are 10 reasons why you paint your neon peach hair.

Jessica Jewel is the creator of this sensational tone

You can shine brightly

Pink shades are mixed with shadows for a superior enhancement

What do you think if you mix it with a pixie cut?

You will always look radiant

If you add lights in soft pink tone you will achieve a perfect color

You will look fantastic

The orange peach hue is like having sunbeams in your hair

Ironed or curled? Either way it looks fantastic

Now you’re convinced?


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