Multicolored hair: trendy look ideas for who it looks good for


Let’s find out everything about the multicolored hair trend and who they look good on and the coolest looks proposed by the hairstyles to copy!

The multicolored hair trend explodes, from the 2023 2024 catwalks to the most eccentric looks of VIPs!

Let’s find out together the trendiest hairstyles proposed by famous hairdressers and tips on how to show off these looks. We also explain multicolored hair to those who look good and make available tons of images of multicolor hair to take inspiration from!


Multicolored hair can look good on everyone but you need to have an extroverted and exuberant character to show them off, because, as you can easily imagine, they attract attention. Rainbow-effect rainbow hair can be created on both dark and light bases, but it is important to respect the rules of color harmony.

  • Those with a warm undertone and light hair colors should choose warm colors, for example yellow and orange shades as predominant.
  • Those with warm undertones and dark hair colors can choose more intense red and coral shades, combined with warm brown brush strokes and mixed with bright but darker tones such as blue and purple.
  • Those who have cold basic colors with light complexion and hair should prefer pastel colors, from Barbie pink to sky blue, to lilac.
  • Those with cool basic colors and dark hair should choose violet, blue, magenta and purple tones, as Mark van Westerop shows us.


The multicolor hair color makes its way among the hair color trends of the year earning a prominent place, also seen at the fashion shows of the most famous brands.

Stars love multicolor hair, from singers like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Avril Lavigne and more recently also Ciara at the Coachella festival, to Fedez who showed off men’s multicolor hair a few years ago introducing the trend. But this is also the year of the Barbie phenomenon, which sees the shades of pink and fuchsia stand out mixed in a perfect color block hair style.

In addition to the Barbie hair trend, we see hairstylists playing with the most unusual nuances, from Tête d’Affiche Academy which enlivens blonde hair with lilac and antique pink locks, to Patricia Ordas’ rock looks in shades of red, purple and orange. There is also room for mermaid-effect marine shades from Fanola on the more cheeky summer long haircuts. But multicolor short hair is also very popular, especially character cuts such as mullet-style mixies and original bobs.


If the multicolor effect is too much for us, the alternative is two-tone hair that has an important place in many trendy cut collections. In the proposal by Russell Eaton Hair and Stephanie and Ashley Gamble we see beautiful short summer haircuts with a bob with clear color contrasts in shades of blue or caramel that enhance black and dark hair. For those who don’t like to be daring, Jiro Okabe offers his softer shaded effects on the shades of gray and black. And for those who love to be noticed, space for curly hair cuts perfectly divided in half by color in the Desmond Murray collection, while Vipul Chudasama plays with shades of blue and purple on the smooth bob cut with rounded bangs.


The real 2023 hair color trend is multicolor rainbow hair or rainbow hair above and below. Bold and rock, they are the choice of hairstylists such as Mark Van Westerop to give panache to pixie cuts with long tufts, while at Demetrius it is the bob on par to be enlivened by chromatic effects with luminous fluorescent shades. If we don’t want to go overboard, famous hairdressers also offer simple colored locks to concentrate on the lengths, thus leaving the natural roots. But there is room to be daring even on the very long afro curls or on the more cheeky wavy bobs.


On very short and short haircuts, the multicolor hair color trend 2024 gives its best. Desmond Murray proposes a mix of colored locks on the fuller pixie cuts above, while Tête d’Affiche Academy rewards less whimsical two-tone effects on haircuts with long and paraded bangs. There is no shortage of beautiful ideas for short haircuts with shaded unicorn effects and haircuts with tufts with intense shades from Demetrius, while Haarmacher also brings the multicolor effect to hair with skin shaves inspired by men’s cuts. If you like the short look, discover the most beautiful short summer haircuts on which to recreate these hairlooks!


As we anticipated, this is the year of the Barbie hair trend, the Mattel doll interpreted in the cinema by Margot Robbie has in fact inspired looks in shades of pink and fuchsia from beauty to fashion, to all fields of female beauty. On the subject of multicolor Barbie style hair, the shades of pink obviously triumph, from the pink-lilac awarded by Eugenia Dubchak combined with the peach color to the rainbow effects with cold shades such as purple combined with warm tones of orange and yellow. Encarna Moreno takes the trend to the extreme by presenting two-tone hair looks in pastel colors with hair perfectly divided into two parts, just like Barbie Unicorn. Purple and pastel pink, lilac, fuchsia-magenta, these are the top colors to show off for a perfect Barbie-style look! Discover all the most beautiful shades of purple hair in our in-depth analysis!

What do you think of the multicolor hair trend 2023 2024? Which look do you dream of copying? Let us know in the comments!


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