Volume four of a kind: 5 most popular hairstyles3

Popular hairstyles

Volume four of a kind – is a separate subspecies slider haircuts which was created by professionals specifically for women who suffer from the problem of thin hair. Thus, he graduated, racks on the stem, Kare-Bob and others adapted specifically for the needs of thinning hair. But then, these haircuts to try and women who naturally have thick hair. And today we decided to talk to you about volume four of a genus and variety, which women with taste will surely like.

They surround the cursor on the leg

The first volume of Kare – Kare is on the leg, which is ideal for women who prefer an elegant and beautiful hairstyle. Here the emphasis of the volume consists directly on the crown and this effect is obtained directly through the stem or vystraivanii the hair at the bottom of the head. The rest of the hair is longer. Haircuts surrounding the cursor on the leg can vary with different haircuts which adds a special attraction to your appearance.

Voluminous Bob

Do you want to add the image to the special representative and elegance? So I advise you to pay attention to Bob’s volume, which is ideal for young girls and women. Well, this haircut, thanks for the calibration, which examines the different types of faces. Dilute suggest that this trendy hairstyle bangs and coloring.

Elongated quad surround

Sometimes you want to bring something new and creative. In this case, a woman who helps a beautiful and fashionable hairstyle. Stretched volume four of a kind – the ideal solution for those women who want to brush up on your bow. Due to the high nape of the neck, the hair here has an interesting volume and shape that not enough women with thin hair have.

Volume four of a kind with asymmetry

Asymmetrical quad – a great option for ladies who not only want to brush up on your bow, but also to make it more fashionable. Asymmetry looks great on almost any type of person, especially if it is integration, for example, an extra-long bangs. Another advantage of the insertion point with asymmetry is the ideal way to make your hair more voluminous.

Surround the cursor with the bangs

Volume Kare without the bangs looks interesting enough, but it’s not for all women. That’s why we offer you to look at Kare, who is decorated with one or another variation of the bangs. More effectively matched with the hairstyle will look straight bangs with graduations, with a crude shaft, with asymmetry or elongated.


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