Mini rainbow in your hair is the new trend with reflections for lovers of fantasy colors

Hair Rainbow

Everything indicates that fantasy colors in hair will never go out of style. But let’s be honest, we have already exploited blue, pink, purple and even green tones too much. Fortunately, beauty professionals never tire of experimenting and creating new trends for hair. Recently, the colorist Roxie Jane Hunt experimented by mixing the colors of the rainbow in a different way.

After seeing how small flashes of rainbows formed in her hair due to the reflections of the sun colliding with some crystal, Roxie had the idea of painting small pieces of color in her hair, and now hundreds of girls are following this beautiful trend. This is how the prism effect looks on the hair.

The prism effect is a touch of color in the hair

You can hide it easily or show it when you want

This is how the root is colored

With pastel colors you will give a different touch to your hair

It is a very nice visual effect

At the tips looks quite striking

This effect is perfect on black hair

Green hair plus the prism effect is all you need

With the color prism you will not have to mistreat your hair so much

If you do not want such a radical change, try this

This mix of colors will make everyone look at you

On the bangs it looks original and perfect

Subtle and at the same time different

You definitely have to try this color

Can you imagine how it will shine under the lights of the club?


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