Michelle Obama today, curly hair lightened by the former First lady


Michelle Obama today wears dark curly curly hair with the ombrè effect that gives the natural lightening effect. Here are the latest images of the new hairstyle of the former first lady

An intelligent woman, an icon of style and a model to follow, for Americans Michelle Obama remains one of the best first ladies ever, in fact she has been. Today at the age of 55, Obama is still a beautiful woman who never ceases to surprise with new looks, such as with this natural curly head and the sun-kissed blonde-like shadow on the lengths despite her dark hair.

Here are his latest images during his last appearance in New Orleans where he was greeted by an audience with an ovation.

The former first lady has never stopped following the causes brought forward during her time at the White House. In addition, his latest book “Becoming” in which he talks about his life before and during the eight years he spent with his then US president Barack, in addition to mentioning issues such as racism and health, has now become a bestseller.

Curly hair scaled with blonde shades by Michelle Obama

Despite the very dark root the natural effect of Michelle Obama’s latest scaled hairstyle has struck all those present. The former first lady had already posted the images on twitter during a family vacation. What that is has not gone unnoticed by the American media who continue to follow Obama’s wife wherever she goes and whatever she does.

The hairstyle, including lightening was carried out by the trusted hairdresser who followed Michelle during the time she was the wife of the US president.

Today, Obama, after more than 10 years after his first appearance as first lady of the USA, is free to dress as he sees fit, he has shown this also in this last image where he wore a sequin jumpsuit. But it is as free to wear a curly hairstyle as the latest trends dictate, with lightening obtained thanks to the Ombrè technique, and never forgetting his long nails, always very neat and lacquered with trendy enamels.


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