Men’s white hair: cuts, trends and tips to wear them with style

Men's white hair

White hair can be very fascinating. Let’s see the latest men’s trends, the cuts and tips to wear white hair in style.

Among the latest trends, the new cuts and hairstyles for men white hair do not miss: if you are looking for inspiration for a youthful look suitable for your white hair, you can take inspiration from these photos where you will find ideas for long hair and classic haircuts for real gentlemen.

Bringing white or gray hair naturally is often synonymous with charm, not old age. Some men, as a matter of personal style or to appear younger, as soon as the first white hair appears they dye their hair, while others (even famous ones) let nature take its course thus conquering that sex appeal typical of the over 50s.

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Certainly showing off a white hair requires safety, but also robust and well-groomed hair, especially if worn long. In addition to not saving on products to manage and maintain gray hair, and to rely on a good hairdresser for a cut that you value, you can use a silver reflective, a toning that gives that brightness that tends to get lost, or even touches of color given wisely only on some locks. To really change your look and maybe gain confidence in your appearance, it might take very little!

Do you want a tip? Consider this article as a style guide rather than a summary of this or that trend: we will show you images of cuts and hairstyles suitable for every type of man who loves the particular elegance of white hair.

Short white man hair

With the classic short cut shaded on the sides and with the line on one side is never wrong: it is suitable for everyone, and in particular is also good for those with thin hair: playing on the styling of the tuft, it is recovered in body and volume .

When the receding hairline is evident it is better not to fall into the trap of the “carry”: better to bring the tuft backwards and keep a well-groomed beard, which balances the proportions of the face and is a useful strategy to avoid attracting all eyes to the hair.

A classic cut like this, with a side stripe and side tufted comb, can be interpreted in many ways: associating it with a well-kept beard and a neat look, for example.

This men’s cut with a long bangs is certainly more youthful. It is not suitable for everyone though: it requires healthy hair and a suitable personality, and probably a plate pass.

The alternative to the bangs, if you have a cut of this kind, is to bring the hair backwards combing it upwards with a good modeling paste. A hairstyle like this is quite “controlled” to allow a light and slightly cheeky beard.

This is really a charm-rich cut, whether it is worn with a beard as in the picture or without: the length of the hair is fairly uniform, everything is about drying and combing them creating waves that move forward on the sides of the head, and upwards and to the side, instead, in the center.

The same type of cut, with a slightly longer length, is suitable for those with wavy hair and plans to comb the tuft backwards. Here the white hair has been enhanced by a silver toning that gives brightness to the natural gray and generates a very elegant silver hair effect.

For those who love a casual and youthful look, this men’s haircut is ideal. It is also quite easy to maintain: just a little gel or wax to get the disheveled effect.

White hair medium and long cut man

It takes a bit of skill to do your hair like this at home, but between medium-long cuts a hairstyle like pompadour is now a classic. The length and height of the tuft count innumerable variants, for which we must also take into account the shape of the face and the length of the beard.

The long hair returned to the trend among men’s hairstyles enhance all the hair that is healthy and robust, including white ones! Here, for example, you see a slightly scaled cut, with the tuft brought a little upwards and a disordered line, to be done by passing the fingers between the strands with a little wax.

Many male hairstyles do not undergo the trends and always come back into fashion. Among these, the medium-long hair to be combed back to the nape has a timeless appeal and a truly ageless style.

We showed you the best cuts for white hair men, choosing images of models full of style from Instagram. Now it’s up to you to decide whether to dye your hair or exhibit your natural color. In any case, below you will find a series of tips to take care of them.

White hair man natural remedies

The fact that the hair turns gray and fall is physiological after a certain age, but to some it happens earlier than they would like. To counteract the effects of time on color, you can first of all take advantage of some natural remedies: for example the wraps with rosemary infusion help to enhance the black color by damping the evidence of the first white threads and counteracting the excess of sebum, among those responsible of baldness.

Thus the henna and the chamomile, other elements of nature, respectively support the blond color and the copper (be careful with the henna: if it is not chosen and mixed by an expert person, the final shade could be decidedly different from the desired one) . Natural supplements and a balanced diet are certainly an important help for the health of the hair, especially above 50. Beyond a certain threshold, if you don’t want to show the canuta hair you will have to resort to a dye, but you can choose natural dyes if you are afraid of attacking a hair that is perhaps a little fragile.

How to keep white hair

First of all, white hair often has a tendency to turn yellow a little or look dull. In addition to feeding them from the inside, paying attention to what you eat and your lifestyle, you can revive the color with a reflective or totalizing (that is, a semi-permanent color that does not penetrate the hair, but merely enhances the reflections tending to the ‘silver).

Also the tendency to frizz and thin hair are typical signs of the age of the hair, which can be contrasted in various ways, from keratin treatments that can be requested in the salon, to some care in the choice of balm and professional fixing products, specific for the type of hair.

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