Men’s long hair 2019, wavy, smooth and unkempt in photos

Men's long hair 2019

Long hair man. The trend cuts in 2019.

Long and medium-long hair, wavy, scaled, uncombed, with the tuft or with the row or backwards for a trendy and always fascinating look. There is only one to choose from.

While the new short cuts are new, there is a return to long or medium-long hair: this is not new, we know, but those who care about fashion or love a unique and timeless style can take inspiration from new photos and ideas for long male hair.

We must not forget that long is not necessarily synonymous with scruffy look, indeed: often long hair can become elegant, if well cared for.

Men’s long hair 2019

Certainly the long hair should be managed correctly but offers many varieties of different styles and for all ages. The examples are many (from ancient times up to show characters and players) but we want to show you only the latest trends and news.

From those curly, smooth, to those with the length that goes up to the shoulders to the tails, pigtails and braids: here are photos and ideas for men and boys who illustrate how to bring a long or medium hairstyle now, for the summer and for the next winter.

Of course we will also explain how to handle them to comb them and we will suggest the most suitable products to use to maintain a flowing hair.

Men’s long hair 2019: the best moves smooth and smooth

The long smooth hair with a slight scaling associated with the short beard is a very trendy hairstyle at this time: the cut is simple but must be done by a competent hairdresser because the proportion of the scaling must harmonize with the shape of the face. Here, it starts a few centimeters under the chin.

Always medium along this scaled cut enhances the gray hair that in this case are obtained with a semipermanent dye only at the root, while the length is light brown. The tuft is worn all the way to give volume and charm, but you can also comb it backwards.

The 2019 man’s hair is also long and wavy: these are natural waves regulated with a light scaling around the face; the hair is left a little “wild”, with the line just mentioned.

This instead is a more polished scaled curate, to be worn with a side line. To achieve this effect, a fixing product is essential, which does not dry the strands and does not lack elasticity.

Here you see a timeless classic for those who can afford the wild aspect: long wavy masculine hair worn with a spontaneous line and left deliberately natural, or almost (the spikes on the tips are not made by the sun but from the salon, and for styling a little wax is needed).

The Viking-style hair is popular and gives to those who are not very young or have a beginning of receding hairline. In this case they are brought back and create a pleasant contrast with the long beard.

This is a type of hairstyle for guys who want to follow the trend of long hair. With a smooth like that, natural or “helped” by drying with a hair dryer and brush, the volume is obtained by “spilling” the tuft all on one side.

Still smooth and long but with the line in the middle: even this hairstyle with equal cut is suitable for a young man, but is not recommended for those with a round face.

You have to have a nice thick hair instead to bring a long hair moved like this: the cut here is climbed on all the hair and goes down just below the ear framing the face from all sides.

Here is the perfect example of how long hair for men and beards can coexist very well with a formal outfit: elegance is after all in the ways and a well-groomed and clean hair really goes with everything.

Brad Pitt’s long hair we all remember them, and now they come back into fashion like that, simply carried behind their ears and associated with a non-bulky beard. The touch of light on the tips completes the picture.

Men’s long hair 2019: medium long cuts

The medium long cut is the easiest to wear and is fine for men of all ages. It can be declined in an infinite number of ways: here, to begin with, we see the new cut for men by Jean Louis David. The locks are pulled out on the front and longer on the nape, separated and “messy” with the gel.

It is always elegant and perfect for every occasion instead combing with wavy hair carried back and fixed with the gel, leaving the natural curly free on the nape.

Give a 50-year-old man who loves a youthful look this medium-cut short with a side line: the strands of the tuft must be dried and treated with care to appear shiny and tidy, which is particularly important for those with gray hair or whites.

A variant of style for the elegant man who wears a youthful style is this ideal cut for summer and for fine male hair, which here (cleared and left free) find their raison d’etre.

This hairstyle with the hair backwards has no time and therefore adapts to the mature man too, provided you have a strong hair that can stand the gel without drying up. He is well without a beard and, as you can see, he is fine with.

The medium-short cuts with bangs are more suitable for boys. Here the smooth and thin hair is enhanced thanks to the long and stretched bangs, while the rest of the hair follows the angle of the face.

The helmet for men with wavy hair works, especially if you adopt a wet-effect styling that has been seen on more than one occasion among the latest news. Here the bangs move is particularly long.

For those looking for the male cuts of 2019 a type of hairstyle that can be managed at home comfortably, this medium cut is perfect: if the hair is full-bodied there is no need even to keep the wax in place.

Easy choice for those with straight hair, this cut for men is enhanced by the long and full tuft, which from the line of the line continues almost equal to the ear. A touch of gel on the front strands and you are ready to go out.

Among the new medium-long cuts sprout those for men very scaled and shaded sides: this hairstyle with long strands on the nape is very creative and suitable for a sparkling personality.

An asymmetrical cut, with the tuft worn all on one side, takes even more character if it is supported by a slightly aggressive side shave.

As for the long hair man shaved on the sides do not set the undercut and the symmetrical shaving on the sides, to enhance the “high” tuft that is resisting the forward movements of fashion.

The male hairstyles that we will see next winter are very much aimed at a long and medium-long style with the hair back and celebrate the rough wet and disheveled effect: good news for those with a wavy hair a little ‘rebel.

Even on the smooth climbed, it makes the wet effect well, which is seen on the catwalks and is obtained with the right fixative (and possibly a little plate).

Men’s long hair 2019: tail and braids

A great classic among long hairstyles for men is the tail, but also chignon and braids are now widely used. Just change some style details to get a different look according to the occasion.

Here is a whole new idea to avoid the usual pigtail. It takes a little skill to make it yourself, but the effect is remarkable.

How to maintain long hair for men

Male hair can be delicate due to the balance of skin and hormones. The first attention is therefore to their health: it is important to use shampoos of good brand that treat the skin gently and help prevent and counteract dandruff and early fall. The second step concerns the products for styling: many cuts require in fact that the hair is kept in place by a fixative, which can be a spray, a wax, a specific oil (especially for those who wear very long hair and moved them ) or a real strong sealing gel. They go for the greater gel with a glossy and wet effect, especially for curly hair, but also the modeling paste for those who love classic hairstyles or taste a little ‘vintage.

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