Men’s hairstyling: Trends 2018-2019

Men's Hairstyling

Long hair or shaved head: what is the fashionable cut this season?

After hair follies of the 2017-2018 season, we reserve hairdressers for men for autumn-winter 2018-2019?

Long hair, always more in the wind

It’s a long time ago when the hair clipper was the best friend of men. Today, place the brush (or hand) to take care of his long hair. Or mid-long.

If the 2017-2018 season tended to put very long hair ahead, a shortening seems to occur this fall. The trend of the autumn-winter 2018-2019 is medium-long hair, gentlemen, stick to it!

If you want to prolong the summer, you can keep a natural look, hair in the wind, style “surfer”. Otherwise, opt for a more retro look and a wiser hairstyle that would not have disowned our seniors of the 1970s.
To go further, some even opt for long hair ultra-combed, with the line on the side. Ideal for treating your “ideal son-in-law” side.

Curly hair is even better!

If you have relatively long hair, you already figure “in the right box” (if it really needs to follow the trends and / or enter boxes, but this is another debate). But if, in addition, you have the chance to have wavy hair, curly or curly, it’s even better!

This season, frisettes and other waves are very popular among men. And it goes perfectly with a mid-length cut. However, this requires regular maintenance and proper shampoos.

If you’re tired of your hair, know that “the curly undercut” is also popular this winter. It clears the sides well and leaves more length on the top: in the presence of wavy hair, the contrast is the most beautiful effect.

And short hair then?

You do not have long hair or beautiful curls? Do not panic, you’re not that old. Beyond the timeless shaved head (and not just to hide early baldness), the classic undercut still has many followers.

This has the advantage of being suitable for all types of hair while requiring a minimum of maintenance … at least in appearance. The use of a styling product (wax, mousse or powder) can help you adopt the famous fuzzy-tousled effect!

The lookbooks of the main hairdressing salons

While fashion shows and Pinterest are great sources to find inspiration for her future haircut, it’s always interesting to take a look at the collections of leading hair salons. Here is a little overview of trends 2018-2019 among professionals in men’s hair.

Coiff & Co
Franck Provost
Jean-Louis David
Fabio Salsa 


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