Men’s hairstyles: 50 photos with trendy looks!

Men's hairstyles

How to comb curly hair? How to collect long hair? What’s your perfect wedding look? Lots of original masculine photos and hairlook tips!

Do you want to change the hairstyle? We show you many ideas hair styles for men to take inspiration for short, long, curly or smooth haircuts.

From the slicked retro look of the ’30s to the eccentric punk crests, through the modern hipster cuts and our advice on the most elegant men’s hairstyles on the wedding day.

Modern Man Hairstyles, Hipster Cut

What are the trendy men’s hairstyles? The first place in the ranking of men’s hairstyles is occupied by the hipster haircut. The term was coined in the United States in the 1940s; this explains the retro taste of this hairstyle and the vintage style of the current barber shops.

The cut involves short hair on the sides and longer in the central part, where the hair is styled in a tuft in the back or side. To complete the look the sideburns and the long but well-groomed beard.

Short Hairstyles Man with Glasses

Elusive cheekbones, pronounced jaw or nose are small defects that can be optically attenuated by the right glasses and haircut. Choose a short gradient cut on the sides, square glasses and leave the beard slightly long. Beware of the glasses sticks, which must adhere well to the head to avoid protruding ears.

Hairstyles for Long Hair Man

The thick foliage is no longer just the prerogative of women or lovers of the 70s hippie fashion. The modern man hairstyles for long hair are manly, but at the same time cured. The most inflated choice for those who want to have their hair gathered is the male top knot, so a messy bun created with an elastic band that can also be made as a medium. An alternative to the top knot is the tall ponytail, a hairstyle suitable even for afro hair that is usually combed with braids or dreadlocks to better manage the frizz effect.

Hairstyles for Curly Hair Man

The perfect hairstyle for ‘curly hair’ is the one that makes your own type of curl manageable. If the curls are soft you can shorten the hair to the side and let the large curls fall naturally on the forehead or keep a medium cut combed back. There are more difficulties with the tight and frizzy hedgehog that, if well cared for, the special products for afro hair, can be left to grow only in the center or on all sides obtaining an 80s look.

Man Hairstyles with Lateral Tuft

Wavy, smooth, thin, short or medium length hair? The tuft adapts to all the foliage, with the exception of the curly ones. The styling can vary from the 60s look with a clear lateral line and defined wave, to a more natural style where the hair seems to have just been softly restarted with the fingers.

Man Hairstyles for Marriage

The groom’s medium-short hair can be volumized and combed back, thus enhancing the oval face. This hairstyle, however, is not suitable for those with little hair, but for those with thick hair. The gel is an important ally for the wedding day. It can be useful for shaping the tufts of a short cut upwards or for combing back long hair, giving it an elegant but not moistened appearance. High forehead? No problem, you can mitigate this little imperfection with a soft side tuft.

Retro Man Look

Short cut with lateral stripe and perfectly combed. The lovers and nostalgics of the swing age – between the 20s and the 30s – who wish to revive this hairlook will have to ask the hairdresser for an old school cut. It is a technique that wants the exclusive use of the comb and freehand scissors. If you are not fond of glitter and gel, focus on a 50s look, where the tuft is left soft.

Man Hairstyles with Crest

The over 40s will surely remember the punk hairstyles that were fashionable in the 1990s. Boy’s hairstyles that required a side skin shave and a high central crest generally colored with fluorescent tones. Those who want to avoid excesses can still take inspiration from this cut and make it modern by cutting their shorter hair sideways and combining the central tuft in a slightly hinted crest, without the use of wax or gels.

There are so many men’s hairstyles to take inspiration from. If you want to change your look, show the hairdresser the images of the man hairstyles you liked the most!

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