Men’s haircuts winter 2019 2020: all the trends


Long and disheveled tuft, wet look and important volumes, here are the autumn winter 2019 2020 haircuts for men ready to set trends!

Vibrant volumes, natural nuances, not too defined scalings and important lengths characterize the most interesting winter 2019 haircuts for men. We offer you lots of images of trendy haircuts for the cold season, ideas for gritty and fashionable looks, and suggestions from international hairstylists to take inspiration from!

Trends for Men Winter Cuts 2019 2020

When the very short haircuts are banned, in terms of winter 2020 haircuts, the tips get longer and the volumes become more natural. Great return for the wet look for smooth hair, while for wavy and curly hair more versatile and playful cuts are offered, with a predilection for messy messy hairstyle. Focus on the tuft, long and rebellious, combined with shavings never too extreme.

Short Haircut for Man

The short haircuts below and long above is one of the hottest trends of the moment, as Fabio Salsa also confirms! in terms of short haircuts for men, the long tuft, with side or back stripe, is one of the most popular trends even on the catwalk. While for those who love very short cuts even in cold weather, Laurent Decreton Instinct Menschenimsalon offers short cuts for men with medium shaving and a strictly short beard. Lovers of short haircuts? Discover all the short cuts for trendy men this year, in our mega collection!

Men’s Hair Shaved Sides

The shaved cuts on the sides remain a timeless classic, presented this year with more modern touches. Perfect for the grizzled man who wants to enhance his gray hair, the bowl cut with shaved sides is combined with the short tuft, also shaded, or left to fall back on the forehead. While for a more youthful touch, among the winter 2019 men’s cuts, those with designs on the nape and sides of the head remain in vogue, ideal for giving a more cosmopolitan touch to the hairstyle!

Curly and Wavy Men’s Cuts

Curly or wavy hair? The current trend is to let them grow! Massive curls and important foliage dominate the proposals for Franck Provost’s cold season, versatile cuts that allow you to easily change looks by moving the line. Intermede focuses on shorter, more elegant men’s cuts, perfect for work and the office, while hairstylists such as Saint Algue and Zentralverband Friseurhandwerk Menschenimsalon focus attention on the tuft, very long on the source. Lovers of the rebel hedgehog? Take a look also at our gallery with the most beautiful man curly haircuts!

Smooth Man Wet Cuts

The wet look among the winter 2019 men’s haircuts is back in fashion, adapted to both the vintage 60s and 70s long haircuts on the nape and scaled in front, than to the short and very short. Jean Louis David points the spotlight on medium cuts with a very lateral uniform. The line to the side returns for the shorter straight man’s hair cuts by Italian Style Framesi, perfect also for the mature man, and worn strictly pulled back.

Man Hair, Long and Medium

Contemporary, cheeky and perfect not only for the youngest, the medium man cuts this year reward vigorous volumes. The “messy” look with wild and fluttering hair returns to the scene, with a very lateral line and a tuft that falls over the forehead. To liven up the thick and wavy hair, special scalings are rewarded that let the lateral locks fall on the ears. But if you love lengths, discover the most beautiful men’s long haircuts in our study!

Male cuts with tuft

As already anticipated, in winter 2020 men’s cuts the tuft is the leading protagonist, designed this year to give a veil of mystery to the face, but also to minimize the shape of the important nose. Long and unkempt for the side cuts of J.7 Group Menschenimsalon, very long combined with medium or short or asymmetrical shaves, the tuft is our tool to give a personal touch to any type of haircut.

What do you think of the 2020 men’s haircuts that we showed you in our photos? What is your favorite for this cold season? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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