Men’s haircut 2020: 15 classic, modern and youthful cuts


Straight, wavy, tufts and shaded, short and medium-long men’s haircuts. The best photos and ideas to refresh the style with a new modern and youthful classic men’s haircut.

Choosing a hairstyle and a new men’s haircut in 2020 is a matter of class and personal style. However, this is the best time of the year to decide to change your look by renewing your style with a new hairstyle, modern classic or youthful.

From the classic cuts revisited to the short hair with forelock and shaded, to the long or medium-long wavy hair there is a style for every man regardless of age. Here are the best men’s cuts of the moment.

Men’s haircut 2020 short with line

The street, the music, the men of style, but also the men of sport, have always influenced fashion trends, but some great classics such as men’s haircuts with line and forelock (although revisited), never go out of fashion and they come back punctually among the men’s hair trends.

The most classic of men’s hairstyles knows no age, gives to young and youthful men, changes according to the length and type of hair if smooth, thin, wavy or curly. However, the new trendy men’s cut is short shaded and with a disheveled forelock like this one by Chris Hemsworth.

New men’s haircuts 2020 short shaded

The most modern and popular haircut is always characterized by more or less short side shades. A type of hairstyle that is very popular is the short hair on the sides with sideburns and with a low side line, for example this new Mariano di Vaio haircut.

Similar haircut and very short and well-groomed beard, also for the 42 year old model Johannes Huebl husband of Olivia Palermo.

It also gives the man who is over 50 years old and with gray hair the short disheveled cut and helps to enhance a fine hair, while the salt and pepper beard becomes the center of attention.

Short curly man hair cuts with side shading

Long and wavy above, short on the sides is the trendy men’s cut proposed by the Italian Framesi salons for the 2020 collection. Here the curly hair that falls on the forehead is the protagonist of this male hairstyle suitable for boys.

Shaved short cut

A men’s haircut must be easy to manage at home. This is a modern and very clean look where the high shade creates the contrast with the longer hair above. Suitable for men who love short hair, this type of hairstyle can only be styled with a modeling product.

Men’s haircut with low gradient

Suitable for those with thick and wavy hair this type of cut with a low shade and the tuft, has the advantage of keeping the hair in order. To manage them at home, besides the brush and the hair dryer, just a product that helps manage wavy hair.

Tuft line and shaving

The side and back shaving is suitable for children. Last year it was very fashionable and continues to please, here we see it with a line and a tuft deliberately carried high.

Medium long man hair cut with forelock

Made by one of the best male hair styles in London, this is a male hairstyle that suits the man who wants to renew the look with a youthful cut. The broken up tuft and the smooth hair sent backwards sideways minimize receding hair and create a perfect balance with a long beard.

Man hair backwards

The trends either follow or are anticipated by those who are considered the best men of style, among the best known there is the English model Richard Biedul, testimonial of Canali and many other brands including Cucinelli or Massimo Dutti. Here we see it with one of the trendy hairstyles that is well suited to the style of the modern gentleman of any age. Ideal for men aged 40 and over, hair combed back with gels or products that maintain styling are among the new cuts and hairstyles for men 2020.

A refined and youthful look for these male gray hair combed backwards, while the beard is also very short here.

Slicked hair will also be worn for the next cold season, not surprisingly the look of men who love the elegant and youthful style will be as you see in the photo.

Long hair man 2020

If the short haircut is always in fashion, long hair has been a protagonist of the men’s haircut trends since last year. Curly heads, medium length hair and pigtails have been seen everywhere. We have seen many examples from street style to catwalks to the hair of actors and singers, but the right middle ground always wins. For example, for a young man the deliberately disheveled medium-long hair of Harry Styles may please.

While for those over the age of 40 there is a beautiful medium-long man cut to copy, that of Bradley Cooper.

Now you have seen 15 new trends in men’s haircuts 2020, you can discover other news on male beauty on our website, because no one better than women (besides the hairdresser) can help you choose the most suitable look for you.


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