Men’s Hair Summer 2019: 60 images of trendy cuts!

Men's hair Summer 2019

Climbed, unkempt, shaved: every man can choose his own style. Here are the best summer cuts to copy!

The new men’s cuts for the summer season follow the trends presented by the most famous hairstylists around the world.

There are many proposals for summer haircuts for 2019. Short, long, curly, wavy or uncombed hair. Let’s look together at the best trends to inspire you to have the latest fashion style!

Men’s Hair Trends Summer 2019: Tousled Tuft

Men know, they don’t like wasting time with their hair. The cut with soft and disheveled tuft is the perfect solution. There is no need for great care or specific products if not a little lacquer or gel to be applied to the tuft.

The trend for summer man hair cuts with a disheveled tuft, created by the best hairstylist saloons, such as Intermede and Wieselmann, has dominated the latest trends. Among 2019 men’s hairstyles this is the most versatile, as it is perfect for wavy, curly or smooth men.

Short Haircut Man Summer

For men who like practicality and freedom, keeping their hair natural is the ideal solution. This 2019 men’s haircut allows you to achieve a natural result without having to resort to styling products because the hair is already perfect after drying. The style is typically summer. This look can be achieved by having both straight hair and curly hair. Very comfortable to go on holiday by the sea, for sports boys and for those who don’t like to comb their hair!

Summer Male Cuts From Bad Boy

A trend that depopulates medium-sized hair and men’s long hair during the summer is the natural style and only sloppy in appearance. It creates a disheveled and disheveled bad boy effect, as proposed by Jean Luis David’s hairstylists.

A look that fits even the short cut, a clear inspiration to James Dean, the bad boy par excellence. In addition to the small crest, thanks to the hair pulled up, the bad boy cut cannot give up the typical tuft on the back for a retro effect. The hair can be brown, black but also graying. Do not miss a short or messy beard.

Men’s Short Haircut Scaled

Among the most popular cuts in national and international salons are the shaded and scaled men’s short hair. The scaling at the sides involves very short hair near the ears that gradually become longer reaching the top of the head to form a tuft. The shaded cut is ideally suited to straight or slightly wavy hair and can be worn with a side stripe or with a central tuft.

Man Cutting Summer Hair with Side Shaving

Among the men’s hair cuts 2019 the hair style stands out with clean-shaven and structured tufts. The style involves very short hair on the side of the head and then becomes thick on the top. The cut is ideal for those with fine hair, but does not want to give up the volume. For lovers of punk style, just leave the lengths on the neck and make ample use of gel so as to recreate small crests so popular in the 1980s and 1990s. A style chosen by teenagers, the classic haircut for boys.

Men’s Hair Fashion Summer 2019: Cut with Riga Aside

For those who cannot see themselves with uncombed hair, but need to always be in order, the cut with the side line is the most indicated. Medium cut and scaled to modernize a typically 50s look that can be left natural or neatly trimmed with the use of gel or wax. Not recommended for those with little hair.

Men’s Summer Hair Colors

Hair dye is no longer just for women. Many men ask hairdressers for meches, highlights or chatouche. It can be a great strategy to cover gray hair or just a way to change your look. What will be the colors of hair in vogue in 2019? The shades of red like mahogany, copper and fiery red, blond tips on an ash-blond base and a nuance that has been in fashion for some years: gray.

Hot days, sultry weather and sweat on the forehead invite you to go to the hairdresser for a haircut! With these images of men’s haircuts for the summer of 2019 we hope to have suggested you the right hair look for you!

Better the short and neat hair or the bad boy’s hair? Do you prefer the men’s cut with tuft or the side line? Let us know which summer men’s hair trends you prefer with a comment!

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