Men’s 2020 haircuts in 100 images

Men's 2020 haircuts in 100 images

Short and nuanced, long, very long and retro-inspired, here are all the trends for men’s haircuts 2020 not to be missed!

Messy and natural looks, shaved hair with designs with a modern mood and retro-inspired haircuts, the 2020 men’s haircuts trends reward lively contrasts and original touches. We show you the images of the trendy men’s cuts 2020 proposed by international hairstylists and the most important Italian hairdressers, many ideas to copy and from which to take inspiration to have a trendy and fashionable look!

Men’s Haircuts Trends 2020

What do the current trends in men’s haircuts 2020 prescribe? The new men’s haircuts seen on the catwalks and offered by the best hairdressers at an international level reward fake haircuts that are actually very well cared for, geometric cuts, important shaves and asymmetries that give character to the look. Let’s take a look together with the most beautiful cuts for men to show off in 2020!

Short Haircuts for Men

Among the most popular 2020 men’s short cuts we find messy looks only in appearance, with a preference for a natural but refined look. The very short cuts are livened up by a very accentuated side shave, while the short men’s haircuts with a strictly pulled back tuft alternate with those with original short bangs, the Saint Algue proposal for the man who loves a jaunty look with retro accents.

Medium Man Haircuts

Lovers of medium length? The buzzword this year for men’s summer looks is volume! Medium-sized men’s haircuts are enlivened by the long combed back, as hairstylists of the caliber of Intermede propose us, or the tuft is left to fall in natural waves on the forehead. For men’s medium cuts, the lengths also increase along the nape, ideal haircuts for lovers of the 80s accents and beyond!

Haircuts Man with Tuft

Protagonist of pointed cuts with upward circulation or of soft and natural looks, the long tuft is the most interesting diktat in terms of men’s haircut 2020. To put it in style in just a few moves, just a spray of lacquer or a fixing gel , whether we want to create a more aggressive little crest, or we want to use the hair tuft to minimize the broad forehead. Jean Louis David shows us how to wear the long forelock to complete the receding hairline cuts and thus hide this little mole. Lovers of retro touches? Green light for tufts combed in geometric folds on the forehead and original upturned hairstyling with long forelock combined with a short shave on the neck and behind the ears.

Long Haircuts for Man

But on the subject of retro echoes, it is the man with long hair who conquers the scene this year! In fact, among the most popular spring 2020 men’s haircuts we find long, medium long haircuts and of course the classic male scaled cuts, from straight men’s haircuts to curly and wavy ones. You can breathe the air of the 60s and 70s with the long men’s cuts by Jacks of London Art Team and Jordi P√©rez, without a line or with a very lateral line. How to hide the waving ears? There are men’s scaled cuts with long side tufts that go beyond the 90s-style chin, to always be combined with a neat and neat beard to avoid being scruffy. Fall in love with the important lengths? Take a look at our collection dedicated to trendy men’s long hair.

Men’s Hair Shaved Sides

Men’s shaved haircuts continue to reward the contrast between short hair on the sides and longer hair in the upper and middle part of the head, often combined with a long tuft and even styled in a Mohawk rock chic style crest! Shaving of this type is perfect for those with thick and thick hair, while to make the oval and long face more harmonious, among the more particular men’s haircuts for summer 2020 we find those with William Gray side shaving and very long smooth tuft that falls on the opposite temple.

Shaded and Scaled Men’s Haircuts

Particularly suitable for mature men and in particular for those with gray, white or graying hair, shaded men’s haircuts are the ideal choice for an elegant and well-groomed look. Among the most beautiful men’s haircuts we find the shaded forelock shorts with a fresher and more lively mood. For the fifties, the sixties and not only the classic male cuts combed backwards remain the most popular, especially if we talk about scaled cuts that thicken in the upper part of the head giving a more youthful touch to the look.

Curly and Wavy Men’s Haircuts

Franck Provost suggests hairstyles with curly bangs, superior volume and short hair on the nape of the neck between his trendy wavy 2020 men’s haircuts, to be kept in order with specific products such as hair foam. But the first rule in terms of curly men’s haircuts remains naturalness, so let’s remember not to make our natural waves and soft curls too heavy, letting them fall to frame the face in a cheeky way, as Mark Leeson shows us with his perfect male cuts to minimize marked features and high cheekbones.

Male Cuts with Designs

But what do the trends in men’s haircuts spring summer 2020 prescribe for those who love a more lively and unconventional style? Among the fashionable men’s haircuts stand out the short ones on the sides with designs also taken up in beard grooming. A style that we also find on the heads of famous footballers and sports men. The photos of the most modern haircuts show us a preference for geometric bands and decorations, to be combined with both the more eccentric ridge cuts and the medium and short ones more easily worn in everyday life.

Boy Haircuts

Curious to discover the hottest trends in youth and trendy cuts? For both blonde hair and brown and dark hair, the short cuts below and the long ones above remain the most popular, easy cuts to comb and to put in order in no time. For an even cooler touch you can think of dyeing your hair, and in particular the tips, a glamorous effect that influencers love. The long tuft brought forward on the forehead is combined with scaled and cheeky cuts, also with a lateral line. But among the more bon ton boy haircuts 2020 we find those with bangs, both for curly hair and wavy hair, ideal for those who love to show off an air of a good boy!

Elegant men’s haircuts

For business men who are always in a rush, backwards men’s haircuts to be fixed with a drizzle of lacquer or gel remain an evergreen, with parting or hidden lines for a more refined touch. A classic for both autumn, winter and summer and spring looks, the back tuft is an incomparable expedient to create volume and show that you have a lot of hair, ideal for those over 50 but not only.

An important tip should not be underestimated: we advise men who decide to get a new cut not to overlook the eyebrows, unwanted hair or beard. A perfect look requires attention to every detail!

What do you think of our rich collection of images of trendy men’s haircuts 2020? Short and tidy or long and wild? Let us know in the comments what is the look you prefer!


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