Medium with a line or bangs is the 2019 hair cut

Medium haircuts with bangs

The 2019 haircut is the medium one with row, or with the bangs. Here are some ideas for your look, according to trends.

The bob is no longer a hair trend but a classic that returns and returns to fashion every season! Revisited with the line with the bangs or the tuft, this type of combing is the average cut par excellence. Here’s how a medium hair cut in 2019 changes according to new trends.

A new haircut can be as short as the easy cut of the beautiful actress Charlize Theron, or of medium length with a side tufted bangs like this example on smooth 80s-inspired blond hair. What you see is an easy hairstyle, suitable for those with thin hair and a gritty style.

But let’s see what are the proposals of the best hairdressers on the new haircut 2019.

Medium scaled hair: new trends in 2019

Bob or lob, this is one of the best medium haircuts, among the most seen so far. Here there is not much to comment, THIS is a type of hairstyle that between cut and color speaks from ONLY.

This is the idea of the Saloni Maniatis Paris, a bon ton style for the women of Paris. It is a cut with a slight scaling highlighted by the high tuft and very low lateral line, deliberately decomposed. To achieve this hairstyle in addition to the products and the plate, you need a head with full-bodied hair.

Easy style, side-to-side and slightly loose ends to give a minimum movement to the hair, characterize this medium-long cut enhanced by copper-colored reflections.

The same type of medium cut can be enhanced by soft waves that give volume to the hair and renew the hair look with a trendy hairstyle.

2019 medium haircut scaled with bangs

This is an idea for a new carre cut with a bangs. Here the cut is completely degraded including the bangs. It is a modern reinterpretation of the classic bob cut, enhanced by shades always in a red copper color on a natural brown base.

We showed you photos and ideas to transform your look with a nice medium trendy cut, without disrupting the hair. To learn about the new trends, follow our website and you will find the latest news on cuts and colors.


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