Medium haircuts winter 2019 2020: all the trends

Medium haircuts 2020

From lob to the most classic bobs, from climbing to asymmetric, here are the trendy winter 2019 2020 haircuts!

The medium winter 2019 2020 haircuts proposed by international hairstylists reward important but always very natural volumes, clean lines and very original bangs on the neck. Gritty asymmetrical bobs, more elegant and formal looks enlivened by intense shades, the new cuts, colors and hairstyles are inspired by a modern and cosmopolitan style. Let’s find out what are the trendy winter 2019 2020 haircuts!

Medium Cut Hair Scaled and Pared

Looking for scaled medium haircuts? The proposals for the cold season reward asymmetric haircuts, shows and 1980s touches of character. Davines thinks cuts for lively and jaunty women in which tuft and bangs are very short, putting our features in the foreground. But in terms of mid-winter 2020 hairstyles, Fabio Salsa proposes very original solutions, unstructured looks designed for brown hair, but not only, all played on sharp and precise contrasts and lines, perfect for those with round faces. And if you are looking for other ideas, look at our beautiful collection with the most beautiful scaled haircuts!

Medium Short Hair Cuts

Medium short hair? The most famous hairstylists indulge themselves by thinking of the most characteristic half-length cuts and hairstyles. The most interesting proposals in terms of mid-winter 2020 cuts start from the bob and the carré, rigorously asymmetric, combined with a very short bangs. A look for women but also for girls of great visual impact. Practical and easy to handle the classic medium cuts with tuft that stop just above the shoulders, ideal for mature and perfect women to enhance even straight hair, as well as to give volume to straight and fine hair. Want to see more trendy look ideas? Discover the trendiest winter short haircuts in our beautiful image collection!

Medium Long Haircuts

Looking for fashionable cuts for medium to long hair? For the mid-2020 winter haircuts, the 70s and 60s inspirations remain very popular this season, but are enlivened by much more modern touches. Hairstylists such as Kayluhskolors combine long cuts scaled with V-shaped lively color contrasts obtained with balayage and ombré. While among the more feminine cuts we find those on the front at the same time and very thin at the back, ideal for enhancing the thick and puffy hair and the permanent look. To give a more youthful touch, a long bangs like the one proposed by Kemon remains the most popular solution.

Medium Straight Haircuts

To give volume to the blonde straight hair, ash blond, but also gray and white, Jean Louis David focuses attention on the tuft, left short at the height of the nose to highlight the feminine features. A cheeky touch easy to add to any hairstyle? The very lateral and poorly defined line proposed by Kemon is also adored by stars and influencers! Looking for more youthful looks? Saint Algue livens up its straight brown hair with warm nuances of light blond and honey, a very successful trend this year. But discover all the most interesting hair color trends in our analysis!

Medium Wave Cuts

The cuts for medium-to-medium hair, large or fine, reward exaggerated volumes and V-lines never too precise. For those looking for hair style ideas to show off at 50 and 60, Franck Provost suggests ladylike cuts with a very natural effect with short side tufts and shades of dark brown to give intensity to the base color. For those who prefer trendy and cheeky looks, The Hairs presents its very asymmetrical cuts that start short behind and stretch out in front, even these are rich in reflections that give vivacity to the natural color.

Medium Curly Cuts

Curly or very wavy hair? This is the year of the short bangs! From Intermede to Fabio Salsa, the cuts with side bangs and very short front are the must-have of the moment, to be kept strictly untidy and never defined! Slightly shorter lob and bob cuts are enriched with asymmetrical and playful scaling, so goodbye to equal hair, it’s time to emphasize natural volumes without too many tricks! Take a look at our mega collection of curly hairstyles images!

Bob Cut

But going back to talking about bob cut, a classic in terms of haircut for medium hair, ranging from the sob variant, short in the back that barely covers the nape, to the beautiful wob, the choppy and scaled bob ideal for thinning out swollen hair. Among the mid-winter 2019 haircuts, the 1960s touches are more evident for Davines’ blond yokes, while Jean Louis David adds movement thanks to more evident frontal scaling, with great attention paid to the side tufts.

Medium Haircuts With Bangs

Long bangs that become side tufts or very short hippie style bangs? The proposals for medium hair show a great desire to dare! The long bangs is combed with spikes upward in cuts inspired by the 90s, while for curly hair the ideal solution is always the short bangs combined with the hidden line. Round and oval face? The asymmetrical and very scaled bangs remains the best choice, especially for straight and fine hair. If you are looking for other ideas, look at our beautiful collection dedicated to short hair with bangs and tuft!


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