Bob and yoke. The new medium haircuts spring summer 2020

Bob and yoke. The new medium cuts spring summer 2020

Among the medium haircuts of spring summer 2020 there is the bob and the rack. Here are the latest photos and ideas to choose from

If you are wondering what the new medium haircuts of spring summer 2020 are, we will answer you right away: The bob and the yoke. Smooth, wavy, paro or scaled, this type of cut continues to influence hair fashion trends.

So nothing new compared to last season? Regarding women’s hair, there is always something new, creativity never stops, the dyes, the type of cut and the hairstyles change. There is a great variety of styles among the many cut and color proposals of the best salons, so let’s see the news.

Medium haircuts, chin bob

“The chin bob is definitely the cut of the next season” says Mauro Galzignato hairstylist of Kemon Italia whose collection is inspired by the fashion of the 80s. This medium cut is highlighted by a pearly champagne blonde tint.

Medium haircut always at the height of the chin for the new wavy bob with bangs that touches the eyebrows and enhanced by a copper red color created by the Italian Style Framesi artistic team.

The French loin

From the scaled one, to the graphic cut, to the choppy cut with a row in the center, to the perfect Parisian haircut, the yoke for French hairdressers is the medium cut par excellence that women cannot give up. Here we see it in a short version with a row in the center and natural wavy locks that give thickness to a fine hair.

Great interpreters of the French haircut are the Parisian salons of Jean-Marc Maniatis, considered “Haute couture of the hair” Here in this photo they show us how a smooth yoke thanks to the cut still manages to give movement.

The smooth bob with bangs and side forelock

Many medium cuts feature straight and tuft hairstyles and scaled bangs. It ranges from the simplicity of straight hair, to smooth hairstyles on shiny and shiny hair like this medium short bob by Framesi Italian Style Energy. Here a purple tint on a dark base gives further character to the full and angled cut.

The Hairstyles by Wella Mitù focus on the simplicity of the midi cut in contrast with a scaled bangs. To enhance the haircut there is the chestnut nuance illuminated by light shades.

Medium haircuts, choppy bob

With bangs or without many medium hairstyles for spring summer they are moved. There are those with curly heads with a natural effect, for example this photo by ASH Wella gives the idea of a summer hairstyle highlighted by a golden sand blonde and a deconstructed bob cut.

The same type of cut allows different variations of styling, for example with a more orderly blur like this.

A bob with a natural but at the same time elegant style highlighted by a new dark blonde tint is this bob in the photo proposed by Fabio Salsa’s French salons.

Even more particular thanks to the scaled cut, it is this wavy bob with a deliberately disheveled crease that highlights the natural effect lightening on a brown base.

These photos you have seen are the top trends medium cuts bob and carré spring summer 2020, however there will be other news that you will find only on our website.


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