+85 Medium Haircuts Spring Summer 2020

Medium hair cuts Spring Summer 2020: most beautiful trends

Lob 50s, irregular cuts in the 70s style, bangs paraded and at par, we discover all the trends for medium haircuts 2020 spring summer

Equal bangs, irregular haircuts, long, long bob cuts, medium haircuts spring summer 2020 wink at vintage touches mixed with much more modern elements. Curious to find out what international hairstylists and famous Italian hairdressers prescribe in terms of 2020 medium haircuts trends? Let’s take a look together with the images of the most glamorous hairstyles to show off this year!

Trends Medium Haircuts 2020 Spring Summer

Modern and unconventional such as asymmetrical, vintage and bon ton inspired from the 50s and 60s, the spring summer 2020 medium haircuts are inspired by different eras, but they are all very interesting! The new trends in the subject of medium 2020 cuts reward important scaling, long tufts that redefine the oval of the face, but also cheeky fringes and irregular cuts embellished with games of intense colors. But let’s take a look together with the photos of the trendy medium-length haircuts offered by the big names in the sector!

Medium Scaled and Drawn Haircuts

Among the most particular 2020 medium cuts, those with scaled hair remain the liveliest, especially if enlivened by meshes and lightening which are ideal for making hair appear soft and shiny, such as the proposal by Jean Louis David. The most original medium scaled cuts are the 80s long back and very short above and in front, fresh looks perfect for enhancing colored hair, but also for creating movement in natural hair, especially if we have thick hair. For those looking for feminine and refined haircuts, those with a side line and long forelock remain the most popular, in the very scaled versions perfect for giving vitality and volume to fine hair. If you like these hairlooks, take a look at all the most glamorous scaled haircuts of the moment!

Medium Short Haircuts

Looking for saucy and easy to manage medium short haircuts? There are the most particular spring 2020 medium haircuts by Francesco Arancio, bob cut particularly suitable for enhancing the reflections of red and auburn hair. While those with dark hair can opt for asymmetrical and irregular cuts with long fringes by Framesi, perfect for hiding the high forehead and diverting attention from a large or important nose. Discover all the trendy spring summer short haircuts in our in-depth analysis!

Cuts Medium Woman Headband

The bob is the medium short haircut that depopulated this year, from the haircut messy, pretend to be disheveled, ideal for a girl, to the lively looks of Ross Charles shorter behind and longer forward. Framesi offers medium wavy haircuts 2020 enlivened by a parade bangs, while for those who prefer more bon ton touches there are medium equal haircuts, perfect to show off with a central uniform.

Medium Long Haircuts

Lovers of medium long haircuts? Dramatic like the looks of the divas of the 60s, Mark Leeson’s medium blonde haircuts are almost on par, with a romantic central line. Intermede thinks more cheeky looks for girls, more scaled to enhance the long and oval face, while to liven up brown hair there are those with side uniforms and long tufts that go beyond the chin, perfect for creating many semi-collected and gathered hairstyles.

Medium Cuts Woman Long Bob

Among the coolest 2020 medium spring summer haircuts, the long bob cut is an important place, enlivened by a long side forelock ideal for minimizing the line of cheekbones and the marked features of a rectangular face. But this year it also ranges from haircuts with short tufts and central lines like those of Coiff & Co with copper highlights and looks on par with short bangs like those of Suzie Clelland and Marc Antoni. Streaks and lightenings give dimension to the hair, and for those looking for an original accent there are the lob cuts of MH Academy with colored locks on a black base tint.

Medium Straight Hair Cuts

What do the diktats of the moment prescribe for summer 2020 medium haircuts for straight hair? International hairstylists like Frank Brormann also think looks suitable for mature women inspired by the 50s, long and scaled helmets ideal for a forty year old, a fifty year old and women over 50. A very refined lady’s haircut is the one proposed by Jean Louis David with brown hair with natural shades with long forelock. Looking for a more lively touch? Among the most particular medium straight haircuts there is the proposal by Fabio Salsa with hair combed back and unthreaded, to obtain a natural and refined volume.

Medium Wavy Cuts

For those with wavy, wavy and very wavy hair, renowned hairdressers have very interesting news in store! Among the medium wavy haircuts 2020 that do not go unnoticed we find those very scaled with long forelock to be blow-dried with a side line, as Franck Provost suggests. Those who want to enhance their curls in a natural way will love Matteo Susini’s scaled haircuts indicated for those with thin hair with little volume. How to get defined and orderly waves? A curling iron is always our best ally! Have you loved these looks? Take a look also at many other particular and chic wavy haircuts ideas!

Medium Asymmetrical Hair

Do you want to cut your hair and try something new? Medium asymmetrical haircuts are the right choice! Samuel Strobl offers a medium-short haircut that is longer on one side and shorter on the other, but among the most eccentric hairlooks, Shaun Hall is noteworthy, with games of different lengths on the entire hair combined with a purple base tint. Highlights, shatush and lightening make these looks even more daring, as Attilio Artistic Team shows us with its long back and short cut in the front with rainbow-colored locks.

Medium Curly Woman Cuts

Hair volume and definition are the keywords in medium curly 2020 haircuts, so choosing the right curly hair shampoo is essential. For those who love the voluminous hair effect, the hairstyles with fluffy curls shorter above and long behind and below are the ideal solution, and to avoid the puffy hair effect, just use a suitable styling foam. Those who have a penchant for the most brisk looks will love the irregular or slightly asymmetrical curly medium hair cuts, to be combined with a very lateral uniform. Discover many other ideas of curly haircuts 2020 in our gallery collection!

Medium Haircuts with Side Part

The side part is one of the most characteristic trends affecting 2020 women’s medium haircuts. There are those who reward equal retro looks like Robert Kirby and those who prefer more romantic haircuts with long and very long hair. The side uniform also gives character to the classic bob cut and obviously creates a natural volume effect that you can’t help but love on curly and wavy hair!

Medium Haircut with Bangs

Sassoon Professional amazes this year by proposing ideas for medium cuts 2020 spring summer with short bangs that are perfect for those with a low forehead, but also to streamline the round face. The preppy style lobs are enlivened by a long and parade curtain, but aside from the Brigitte Bardot fringe that has dominated the sector for years, this is the season of the bangs at par, smooth and regular. Looking for looks suitable for women over 60 and 70? We can focus on medium haircuts for fifties, sixties and over with side bangs, ideal for hiding expression lines and more or less marked wrinkles.

Medium Haircuts with Tuft

The long tuft is one of the great protagonists in the looks for medium hair, ready to give a refined touch to the 1950s-style bon ton looks or to create games of sharp contrasts in the asymmetrical cuts such as those presented by Sergio Casulli. Even the medium short cuts by Danilo Noir show off perfect long side tufts to make the look fresher, while the short forelock on medium-long hair makes the scaling appear clearer and the hair tidier.


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