Medium Haircuts Autumn Winter 2018 2019: the trendy looks!


From the vintage racket to the bob, all the latest trends of hair stylists famous for their medium haircuts autumn winter 2018 2019!

The retro helmet or the modern carrè but also the cut or scaled cuts are just some of the medium hair trends for the winter season! The cuts are completed with structured folds or untidy effects while side stripes and bangs give volume.

Let’s find out all the latest trends on medium haircuts autumn winter 2018 2019!

Scaled and Pulled Middle HairCuts

Among the scaled medium hair cuts we find the progressive frontal parade of Jean Louis David that from the bangs reaches behind. Frack Provost limits scaling to the tips. While Davines creates a layered effect.

Intermede emphasizes the haircut medium scaled down her face with degrade color. While soft and natural folds give volume to the cut slightly removed at the ends.

Medium Haircut With Bangs

The bangs back into fashion in the medium haircuts autumn 2018. JLD interprets long or crescent, or full parade to accompany the rest of the foliage.

Fabio Salsa the bangs that accompany the cuts of medium hair are worked for a maxi volume effect. Finally Claude Tarantino for L’Oreal Professionel serves light bangs and disheveled.

Medium Curly Haircuts

Among the mid-winter haircuts 2019 we find Fabio Salsa’s curls. The hair is curled with iron to obtain loose and shiny curls. While the bangs is inflected to accentuate the volumes in a retro look.

A vintage allure characterizes the medium-length curly haircut. The defined curls are thrown backwards, fixed in a tuft but also shortened in a bangs. While the lengths are both equal and scaled.

Cut Bob, Bob

The bob or bob cut is the medium hair cut par excellence. Frack Provost uses the side line to give volume to the foliage combined with untidy or structured curls of the 50s.

Among the smooth medium hair cuts we find the threaded and structured helmet by Christophe Gaillet. While Intermede presents a slightly scaled cut around the face with a central line and natural fold.

Medium Short Haircuts

Bangs and retro volumes characterize the medium hair cuts of Fabio Salsa. Instead Framesi presents a modern carré stretched in layers with degradation coloring with an animalier effect.

The medium-short hair cut by Franck Provost is completed by a wave drying with a volume enriched by the lateral fold.

Medium Long Haircuts

Medium-length haircuts in layers, that is, layered on several levels, give volume and movement. The medium-cut hair will take shape thanks to styling with natural waves that enhance the scaled cut.

The line in the middle, combined with a long bangs, enhances the cut to starti which, however, makes the best with the hair pulled back.

Hair Degrade or With Colorful Wisps

The average woman haircut is brightened by color! Degrade, shatush sweeping and bring to light blond even darker bases. While meshes and sunstrokes give pink-purple nuances to both a platinum and a copper base!

For those who want a little touch of color just dye a few strands in vibrant colors pop colors like purple and fuchsia on the brown hair!

What do you think of the new medium haircuts autumn winter 2018 2019! Which styles do you like best? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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