Medium haircuts 2020: 7 new cuts smooth and scaled wavy

Medium haircuts 2020

Medium haircuts 2020 smooth wavy scaled. If you want to change your appearance choose between these images of bob, French yoke and 7 cuts and hairstyles for medium or medium short hair.

Medium hair. Do you want to change your haircut or just refresh your styling? The length and hairstyle as we know change the style and appearance of a face, but not all types of cut adapt to the shape of the face, the middle way is always medium hair regardless of age.

For this reason we offer you photos and ideas of new medium smooth and wavy cuts of different lengths and hairstyles made by the best Italian and international salons

Medium straight haircuts

If you are lucky enough to have a thick and healthy hair, a smooth hairstyle with sophisticated upturn tips like this makes the idea of how to wear long hair up to shoulder height. It is a new hairstyle from the Parisian Maniatis salons that always aim to enhance the style of the French woman.

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Smooth and paro

This is a modern version of the low side row bob. It is a smooth hairstyle with a very minimal style, and enhanced mainly by the shade of cold blond that is back in fashion among the 2020 hair color trends.

Medium asymmetric cut

This type of cut has been very fashionable in recent years. If you like it, ask the advice of your hairdresser to see if it fits your face. You can opt for a smooth or slightly wavy hairstyle on the locks like this made on a platinum blonde tint of great impact.

The medium short french bob

In stark contrast to medium length hair there is the new medium short bob cut with fringe and slightly scaled back. Here the longest locks in front and the pared fringe frame the face, while cut and fold overall give volume to fine hair.

Medium short choppy cut

Suitable for a young face and thin hair, this scaled cut with fringe, according to Tony & Guy’s salons, is inspired by the new Rock style of 2020. It is a deliberately untidy hairstyle and very easy to keep at home. Here the difference is the color, a mix of blond with darker root and slightly pink accents on the locks.

Medium long wavy wavy cut

Those who do not like lengths like chin bob but prefer to keep their hair at shoulder height have a choice between the many cuts that are slightly scaled or pulled inside that do not empty the hair. The idea of the best hairstylists: it is that of a wavy female hairstyle with a vaguely retro style but rather elegant like this hairstyle by Margossian.

The medium short cut scaled with bangs

The trend of scaled hair for 2020 favors cuts that resemble the mullet. However, there are Italian hairdressers who can anticipate the big trends, including Aldo Coppola’s salons that aim for medium short cuts with side bangs suitable for faces of all ages. This for example is a haircut that is good at 30 as at 50 or 60 years old.

We have shown you 7 variants for medium straight or wavy hair, you just have to try the trend ideas that are most suitable for you.


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