Medium haircuts 2020: the new cuts of winter

Medium haircuts 2020

Discover the medium haircuts trends in these images to renew your look

Looking for ideas on the 2020 medium haircuts to show off to renew your appearance? Here are so many images to fish the most suitable hairstyle for your personality.

Here you will find the medium smooth cut, the choppy one, the new scaled hair trends, as well as the new mid-length women’s helmets and cuts. The salons’ proposals to change the look are many and perhaps choosing the best cuts will not be easy.

Why choose the intermediate length? Neither too short nor too long: it seems trivial, but often medium haircuts are the most balanced and easy to manage: if the hairdresser knows how to do it, it will not be necessary to go back to the salon every two weeks to adjust the shape and regrowth .

But here we don’t want to show you what the hairdresser can do around the corner: here are the medium hair photos of the great masters, from the staff of Aldo Coppola, to the salons of Toni & Guy, to get to the new carré cuts of French hairdressers and not only. Now you can find the perfect cut for you, whether you are smooth, curly or slightly sparkling.0

Medium cut and scaled haircuts

Let’s start with the very Italian Framesi brand, which in its “Gangster Story” line proposes this frayed and aggressive cut also in color, the brand’s specialty.

Here is a nice medium hair cut for women proposed by Wella and made with an aerial extraction, which lightens the hair on the sides leaving the side tuft full. It is among the hairstyles that enhance the eyes and thin the face. As you can see, tips are back on top!

This is how Salvo Filetti interprets the medium cuts cut and scaled: with style, lightness and a slightly shaded color.

Medium scaled wavy hair

Stefano Lorenzi for Aldo Coppola enhances the softness of a gentle blur with this easy to maintain and very easy cut.

Anh Co Tran’s soft undercut stands out among the hair trends of the season just begun. The line of the cut, the color and the final styling reveal a master touch.

Mauro Situra, celebrity hairstyler, interprets for GoCoppola a light medium-cut, youthful and really striking cut, messy at art, very inspiring.

For Wella 2020 Art Hair Studio collection here is instead a natural blur and a bangs on the opposite side pulled almost smooth, with a light scaling to frame the face.

Giorgio Parrivecchio for Wella has made this medium cut for curly hair: whether natural or curled with the plate, thanks to the scaling and the defined fold they remain soft and “dancing”, very youthful (even in the color, which slopes towards a peach lit and bubbly).

Fabio Salsa has thought of curly hair with this pretty bob with short bangs and scaled, defined and glossy locks surrounding the face; among the easiest cuts to carry.

The blur is all artificial and concentrated on the tips, curled inwards in this Intermède cut that requires a good hand to keep it in shape.

In the picture, medium-sized fluffy hair designed by Vog Coiffure, which points to the volume of a natural-looking blur. The bangs is smooth and open in the center, while the deep brown is softened by caramel colored spots.

Medium smooth haircuts

For Salvo Filetti this asymmetrical bob that goes down to the chin line perfectly enhances the “bionditudine”. But certainly also good for blackberries!

For those who have a slightly rebellious smooth and fairly thin hair, Wella proposes this scaled bob with a cheeky tuft, here combed with spikes upturned and enhanced by warm blond shades, darker at the root.

The indisputable elegance of Maniatis Paris is echoed with this minimal, almost even, yet light carré.

Instead we need a smooth that “fits in place” to handle this hairstyle, with the locks thinning to the chin. The central line gives a touch of class to this medium-long cut.

The smooth 2020 by Framesi is neat, shiny and is expressed for example in this medium-long cut with rounded bangs and pointed ends.

The dark brown shade of L’Oreal Professional illuminates this smooth, cured bob, with longer front points, to be handled with the plate.

Short medium haircut

A short bob with a retro flavor? Wella presents it with the parting deep above the temple and the shaped tuft with the plate. The light balayage in shades of brown illuminates the color in a natural way and captures light.

Here is a really trendy medium hair, made on a very light cold blond shade, with a compact tuft carried on one side and the scaled locks that slope down towards the nape.

A simple bob to manage at home can be a typical example of the 2019 2020 medium haircut idea, but look at the wavy fold, the color and the pale blond balayages that make a huge difference compared to a classic straight flavorless bob.

This aerial short by Toni & Guy enhances a young face, even when the hair is fine. It starts with a short bob, but the idea is more complex and the color exceptional.

This is a non-obvious cut, suitable for those with a full-bodied and “heavy” hair: scaled but with a rather classic line, it is elegant and perfect for all ages (also because it helps to hide the wrinkles on the forehead without the need for the “bangs”) ).

That of Vog Coiffure wants to be sophisticated and natural, easy to manage at home, even if it takes expert scissors to make it happen.

Medium to long haircut

Here there is almost nothing to talk about hair trends because this cut appears at the same time new and timeless: the open bangs opened in the middle is mixed with the slightly scaled locks. The slightly disheveled crease must be managed wisely, to give a slightly Seventies touch full of charm.

Kemon has a fall / winter 2019/20 collection focused on fluidity: changes, genres, lines, as seen in this nice medium long fluffy and very feminine cut, with an important long tuft combed with a light wave.

For those who love feminine and classic haircuts, this medium to long with the lateral line is ideal. Even the shade of red, with contrasting shades on some strands, best expresses the mix of old and new.

Soft waves and charm characterize this medium-long hair coming out of the hands of Salvo Filetti, who calls “blond butter” the shade used to make this variegated color, darker at the root.

L ‘Oréal Hair has made run down this perfect smooth, finished with the products of the house, with a side stripe and a moderate pull-out exalted by the sloping blonde color.

Cut medium hair with bangs

Declaredly seventies inspiration for this medium cut with side combed bangs, with the tips curled and worked with the plate (Fabio Salsa).

Winter 2020 medium haircuts A bit more rock and unstructured, this smooth styled version is still made from the idea of Fabio Salsa.

Intermède aims to satisfy those looking for a flawless cut and color. Between his medium hair 2020 stands the helmet with a long full bangs until it touches the eyebrows, and tips lightened and curled forward.

In this medium-short curly cut the bangs is not bulky, and the plate worked in all directions to generate a voluminous curly effect.

Toni & Guy never fails to amaze with cuts that seem simple, but have no equal. This medium bob with light bangs is then styled with wide and pronounced waves that give the head a very special air. Definitely among the 2020 hair trends.

Also Dessange Paris proposes a carré in which the crown is first cut straight, to give consistency, and then slightly removed in a slight degradé.

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Have you seen how many ideas came out of the great hairdressers for medium hair cuts? All you have to do is imagine yourself with some of them and get advice from your trusted salon.


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