Medium Haircuts 2019

Medium Haircuts 2019

Medium haircuts have become the length that most women have been testing over the past few seasons, and it’s undoubtedly still a trend. The good thing about this length is that it can be adapted to almost all ages, facial features and hair textures. Celebrities and fashionistas are obsessed with the midi mane.

The lengths vary from the clavicle to the line of the jaw. They are comfortable, practical and modern cuts, which are still long enough to make some hairstyles. They can be combed straight, add some waves, or use the bedhead style. Next we will show you several possibilities. Check out.


The tips arrive just at the height of the clavicle or a few centimeters below. This long perfectly complements almost all face shapes. It is a classic and beautiful style that can be molded with some layers around the face. It works on any type of face and is one of the best cuts for fine and smooth hair.

You can also take it slightly wavy.


The long layers with the paraded tips can give a lovely texture. You can dry the hair with a diffuser and add some product that gives shine to achieve a flawless finish.

Jennifer Aniston‘s hair is shorter on the back and works well for many textures, but not for curly hair, as it will be quite difficult to comb. This is definitely a perfect cut for women with short collars.

Textured at the ends and messy style. If you have fine hair, the waves add dimension to the hair, as well as being a practical option for daily use.

Marched on the face

For a face-framing effect, you can add smooth paraded layers around the face. The layers can go over the chin or even a little higher if you have a square jaw.

Above the shoulders

This style of Bob has been seen a lot in recent seasons. If you want to lengthen the neck, simply ask your stylist to cut the hair just above the shoulders.

This hair is cut approximately 5 cm below the chin with slightly deflected ends to give movement.

Half of the neck Neither too long nor too short, this is a perfect length for all.

The hair at the height of the chin combed voluminously, are a trend that can already be seen standing out for the next season. The key: carry them with light waves and to one side, so that half of the face is covered adding mystery to our image.

Length to the shoulder

The straight hair cut to the shoulders works perfectly on women with round faces and defined cheekbones. You can wear it with a stripe on the side and relaxed waves for a natural and avant-garde appeal.

Below the shoulders

You can cut slightly below the shoulders and add layers that frame the face, along with shorter layers to get this beautiful cut.

With straight bangs

This haircut may look like a single length, but in fact there are some delicate layers on the bottom. The banded bangs falls slightly on the eyebrows.

Naomi Campbell‘s lob has thick tips and straight, heavy bangs. To achieve this style, use a flat iron, but remember to add a little thermal spray before ironing to protect the hair from high temperatures. Add a shine spray to finish.

With side bangs

Combine this impressive classic hairstyle by simply smoothing your hair with an iron, starting at the roots and working until you reach the ends. To create more volume, ask the stylist for more layers at the ends and the middle part of the hair.

Long bangs

Get this hairstyle at the height of the shoulders of Katy Perry keeping the minimum layers throughout the cut, and long bangs on both sides of the face.

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Short layers

In the photo, Emma Stone looks a perfect choice for long hair to the shoulders, especially if you want a casual look, you have naturally wavy hair and you like it to look natural.

A shoulder-length haircut with many layers, which is known as shaggy. You can comb with soft waves. This cut can be complemented with a bangs.

Layers of medium length

This cut is very good for women with fine hair who do not want to wear their hair too short. The layers start at the cheekbone.

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Bob in layers

The best low maintenance bob haircut. The carefully placed layers give some texture to this style.

Long Bob

If you have fine to medium hair, this style can be the perfect haircut for you, especially if you are looking for a low maintenance chic style. This haircut will make you look elegant all the time.

This type of haircut is ideal for women who are looking for diversity, but do not want to waste too much time on the hairstyle. Curly, wavy or straight can look perfect. You can choose a straight cut to achieve a very elegant look, or layers if you are looking for volume. The layers also help define the curls.

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Bob on the shoulder

Bob line A

If you want to look super modern, this cut is a good option. It’s a little longer and a little angled ahead.

Asymmetric Bob

Lob with defined line

The symmetry in this haircut with a line in the middle favors the oval, oblong and triangular faces. However, a lateral line will be ideal if your face is more round or square.

Bob straight

It has subtle layers to achieve a one-length cut appearance. You can curl the hair vertically and in the same direction. To finish, comb with a brush of natural bristles to obtain the ideal waves. It can also be worn smooth, as we see below.

The inner hair is cut as short as possible, while each outer layer is a few millimeters more in length. In this way, the ends will go in naturally without having to comb them.


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