Medium haircuts 2019: all the new spring summer cuts.

Medium Haircuts 2019

On the hair there are always many trends between cuts, color and hairstyles. But one above all conquers women of all ages: it is the medium length, easier to handle but equally sensual and feminine. Let’s see in these photos what are the new trends cuts and colors for medium hair spring summer 2019 according to the best hairdressers.

Many of these cuts resemble those already seen in the past and last season. But a new color, a different way of wearing the bob or the shades developed with cutting-edge coloring techniques capable of transforming wavy or smooth hair make these hair so attractive that you want to try them all.

Medium hair cuts spring summer 2019

For the winter we had seen so many bobs, and the story continues for the summer with straight cuts, full-edged bangs and wavy hair or shiny and smooth like this hair with red streaks. To enhance these nuances played on three coppery tones, the plate is ideal, also because the cut is perfectly squared.

The medium dark brown hair for the summer of 2019 lights up with unprecedented reflections, which veer towards the black leaving only subtle points of amber light. In this case the bangs medium and move is enhanced by bringing forward the strands at the center of the head and rubbing them with the foam, another of the trends of medium summer hair cuts.

The tips are illuminated by light and warm reflections to give a natural effect in this balanced cut. Here the deep side line and the use of fixing products on the root gives volume to support the hairstyle along the entire length.

A medium cut like this with the short bangs also allows you to manage your hair at home: if you do not have a natural blur you can create waves by working the locks with the iron or with the plate. The chosen red color is in line with the tendency to create a mélange of warm and cold nuances. In this case, the shade highlights the green eyes and adapts to a light complexion and a light make-up.

But the most fascinating way to bring a new bob to the Parisian is this: the medium cut is very simple, but is combed with the side line, the strands worn behind the ears and the tuft “raised” and fixed with the gel so as completely discover your face. A pair of bon ton earrings but a little showy complete the effect.

The tips of lightened hair enhance this smooth medium cut with a line in the middle. To achieve this natural shade effect you need a good hairdresser who knows how to choose not only the right combination of colors, but above all the point at which to start the sloping gradient, depending on the shape of the face and the effect you want to achieve.

In this photo, in addition to better observe the color yield on the same cut, see how often just move a lock to have a new hairstyle: the beauty of many cuts mean indeed is that you can decide whether to bring the line in the middle, side or comb them backwards without “ruining” the symmetry.

The trend of long or medium wavy hair with parade bangs also continues for spring summer. Simple but effective this French hairstyle is very easy to handle with suitable products: the hair must be well nourished to not be too “light” and electric, and to fix the fold just a touch of cream.

You must not even have the shadow of a wrinkle on the forehead to wear one of the trendy medium hairstyles for the summer of 2019: this helmet with a deep side line reveals the temple and a good part of the front and in this version, created for the collection by Oscar de la Renta, it is lit by a very natural coppery light brown.

It is fine for all seasons, year and life, this retro style hairstyle created by creating with the soft wave plate right under the ear. The blond copper base is ideal to evoke the atmosphere of the past and a natural make-up in light tones does the rest.

The bangs is with us all summer, in all its forms: there is the rich and rounded, the parade and asymmetric, the smooth and long down over his eyes and the mischievous curled suitable for medium wavy hair.

The shiny smooth yoke with rounded bangs remains among the great trends of 2019. Here we see it in one of its most beloved appearances, colored with a warm base black tone that requires a symmetrical face and a skin that is up to the situation.

The long bangs and tufts with the toes are going to renew the classic carré, especially on red-brown hair, undoubtedly the color of summer 2019.

Spiced with strands with a wet effect: the medium-short hair for the summer is worn like that, they look youthful and are very easy to do at home: you can not even dry them, simply finger your fingers to spread the foam.

The side line and the platinum blond with dark roots characterize this hairstyle of the Truss Hair salons: in both photos you see how a simple medium cut with the right color enhances the face and magnetizes the attention on the strengths, the eyes and the mouth

Vintage allure for this medium cut that stands out for its bright red copper color. Here everything is the way in which the tuft is managed: you can also comb it differently, but if you bring it forward all on one side the charm is guaranteed. A make-up that follows a bit ‘the years 60 and 70 in this case is perfect.

Medium hair climbed summer 2019

Among the new trends for summer hair there is no lack of those climbed with strands of different lengths.

The copper-colored highlights light brown hair scaled in this medium-short cut with a side line. It has a really beautiful shape that enhances the chin line and gives to those with a long and thin neck.

A particular scaling, which starts from the bangs and definitely pulls the hair up to the shoulders characterizes these hair that show off a color not easy to wear: black is among the fashion colors but must be chosen carefully, does not give to all and must be realized by an expert to avoid the “omino playmobil” effect.

It looks like something else, but in reality it is the exact same cut of the previous photo: if you pull it with a plate and a hair dryer, it will look like this, choose the solution you prefer and it will be easier for you to do at home.

Ideal for fine hair, on the other hand, this medium cut 2019 scaled dégradé on a blonde base with wedges distributed wisely all around the face, starting just below the root. The contrast of color creates the illusion of greater volume and body.

Medium haircuts, curls at the bottom of the tips

The pink-blonde accents and the soft waves characterize this rather romantic hairstyle that plays all on the curls at the bottom of the toes. If you have them by nature it will be easy to manage!

This medium long cut climbed on the tips easily adapts to all the hair: smooth or rough, it always works and is a very feminine hairstyle that is maintained without too much difficulty. The lighter shades towards the toes highlight the movement and seduce the gaze.

A light scaling and a round cut line are ideal for highlighting wavy hair with curls: here the very bright light strokes are particularly good because they increase the voluminous and voluminous effect.

These medium long wavy hair has a wonderful blonde gold enhanced by light scaling: a winning combination proposed by Frank Provost for the summer of 2019.

The same cut as you see you can comb in a different way, more classic, smoothing the hair with the hair dryer and rolling the tips back and up the round brush.

The silver color with nuance of lavender distinguishes this medium cut off instead. Here the volume is all over the ear, and then drastically decreases towards the shoulders. If you have thin and slightly “light” hair, this cut is an excellent solution, provided you never forget a light and nourishing fixative.

The platinum blonde instead distinguishes these medium wavy hair with diva curls, made with curlers just as they used to be.

These for now the best proposals for the mid-summer cuts 2019. More will come, and we will show you all the news on the subject of cutting and color.


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