Medium hair 2020, 7 new even and scaled cuts

Medium hair 2020, 7 new even and scaled cuts

Medium hair 2020 (or medium short) equal or scaled? The trends speak of medium length hair with both scaling and trim. Here you have the best ideas and photos to choose a new modern hairstyle, suitable for all ages.

New year, new cut? 2020 is the right year for medium hair. If you want to change the style, there is no shortage of solutions, especially between the two categories of scaled cuts and those with uniform lengths. In this your hairdresser will help you, while in the meantime we will show you the best even or scaled medium cuts that will make you want to renew yourself and cut longer hair.

Medium scaled hair: the perfect cut by Salvo Filetti

The brown color first of all, and a new modern cut like this proposed by Salvo Filetti can combine to completely renew the look of your head. Here all the locks are regulated with a progressive unthreading that leaves the body anyway, without tapering the hair too much towards the tips.

2020 scaled with bangs according to Toni & Guy

A medium cut of great charm that will make a healthy and voluminous hair shine, preventing it from “swelling” at the first sign of humidity: it is the climb with bangs by Toni & Guy, which provides precisely a frayed and slightly “open” bangs in the center and a progressive scaling that is modeled around the contours of the face. The rich brown of shades you see in the photo does its part, but of course the hairstyle also adapts very well to blonde or red hair.

Medium hair 2020, the climbed bob of Paul Mitchell

The number of variants that allows an apparently simple cut like the bob is incredible, yet Paul Mitchell manages to amaze us with this medium short bob with a slightly wavy texture, very particular. Practically equal to the base, it gains movement both thanks to the shorter locks and, above all, thanks to the styling. It is a hairstyle that adapts to all ages, even if it requires a not too thin hair.

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Medium hair 2020, the bob is smooth and even

Here is what is commonly called the “paro helmet”: a straight, uniform bob, which however rises slightly towards the nape of the neck, creating a soft effect that makes all the difference. If you do not have natural straight hair, or if it is fine and “electric”, it will be essential to use a good straightener and a product suitable for styling. However, this is a very neat and versatile cut that does not force you to go back to the salon every minute to touch up the shape.

The new medium cut? Equal and moved

At the basis of the concept here is the Blunt cut, the clean even cut that straightens the locks evenly. Everything seems, however, except for a discounted and monotonous solution! This is due to the large waves made artfully with the plate (and making them yourself will not be easy) and supported by the natural products of the Aveda team, to which we owe the second strong point of this head: the warm and bright blonde natural air.

The new bob 2020 according to Aldo Coppola

It can be said that the bob is always classic and always new. Here the celebrated hair stylist Stefano Lorenzi has created, for the Aldo Coppola salons, a bob with a line in the middle from the unpublished line, slightly drawn towards the tips, which are then curled with a wave that recalls the hair appela loose by the elastic of when you are little girls. The result is a youthful and mischievous hairstyle of great effect.

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Medium short cut by Wella Mitù

Here instead you see a very short helmet, slightly irregular in the lower line but curassimo for how it “falls” around the face: the lateral line accentuates the tuft that almost covers the eye and requires careful care to be kept in order. The short cut goes very well with a dark color, such as this tending to mahogany with slightly coppery shades in front. The final touch comes from the choice of a coiffant product with a shiny effect.

We have given you 7 ideas from the best salons: are you ready for scissors now? Have you chosen the photo to inspire you?


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