Medium hair 2019: the 7 new cuts for summer and after

2019 medium hair

Summer 2019 medium haircuts: we offer 7 new beautiful pictures of medium cuts and hairstyles to show off from now until autumn.

What is the hairstyle that all women like? The average one. Rejuvenates, gives a cheeky air, you can still create different types of hairstyles according to the type of cut and are easily handled at home with a brush, hair dryer or plate. Besides the fact that a simple fold on medium hair from the hairdresser costs less in terms of money and time.

These are the advantages of a medium length haircut. But we do not want to dwell on it and therefore immediately move on to the new images of the latest hair cuts 2019 equal or scaled.

2019 medium hair: new cuts and hairstyles

As we have seen in previous articles on the subject of 2019 hair trends, many hairdressers have proposed the French yoke with some style variations as shown in this photo of the MC salons.

Haircut and personality go hand in hand and this is the most suitable look for those who have a strong character and love a rock and gritty style. Here the color is a mocha brown enhanced by colored locks.

This is instead the classic short bob with a row in the center, very trendy this year. It is a hairstyle that is very easy to handle especially in summer. But it is good to specify that it is not a haircut suitable for every face shape (See: Haircuts for the round face. Choose the one that suits you)

So how do you choose the medium cut that’s right for you? There are other ideas from which to take inspiration, for example the hair with the tufted bangs is back in fashion. Here in this photo of Tony & Guy’s salons, the cut is slightly scaled but color and balayage make this hair look one of the most beautiful hairstyles for now and for the autumn 2019.

The medium scaled, medium long and short cut

Do you want to know which is the most beautiful haircut of the year 2019? The one climbed. Here is the perfect example of a medium-long hairstyle with tuft created by Monica Coppola. As you can see, this is a feminine and sensual type of hair look suitable for a young and less young woman. Beautiful also the shade of blond choice enhanced by lightening. In summary, if you want a trendy cut and color that changes your mind, this is the right one.

More suitable for a young face or for those with thin hair, instead it is this scaled hair with a short bangs in front and long behind. Here too we talk about the latest hair trends that are in fashion now and that you will also see in the fall. As for the color, the technique used to revive this type of blond: it is the ombre.

Trends new cuts and color do not forget that red is the strongest trend of the year 2019, but an intense copper with light bleaches in addition to being very fashionable, is easier to wear. Here you can see the proposal of hair stylist Daniel Maltoni. This is a medium-cut cut that draws inspiration from haute couture, that is from the high tailoring that made by hand, not by chance that the coloring technique used was created freehand.

And if you want to change the styling, here’s how you can wear your hair thanks to the same cut.


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