Mauve Champagne hair color: here’s the news for spring!

Mauve Champagne colored hair here's the news for spring!

Each season of the year is characterized by a new trend for hair. The one from this spring? Mauve Champagne! Find out more in this article

With the arrival of spring the desire to change and revolutionize our look grows and in this the hair styling experts help us with their 2020 hair color proposals.

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In 2020 the techniques that we have been used to seeing and in love with in recent years such as balayage and shatush remain in vogue, but the nuances are less and less clear and more camouflaged in the hope of having the hair effect naturally lightened by Sun. For all the proposed looks, the main objective is the luminous and glow effect to obtain play of light on three-dimensional foliage with full-bodied colors and great personality.

What are the color proposals for 2020?

The 2020 hair colors satisfy both blackberries and blondes, for which the shades proposed are many! They range from golden blonde to copper blonde or you can choose colder shades such as platinum blonde with dark roots or ice blonde. Two-tone or pastel-colored hair is also in trend, in which lilac, pink and blue can be used alone or together for real “unicorn hair”.

To have top hair, however, you must opt ​​for the mauve champagne which is the trendiest and most popular shade of the moment.

What is Mauve Champagne?

Designed by Tara Nicole, a famous Arizona hair stylist, Mauve Champagne made its appearance some time ago and then quickly disappeared. Now it is the color of the moment, it is in great demand and for many irresistible.

Mauve Champagne is a very particular shade of blonde that, starting from shades for champagne, is enriched with an icy blonde with a hint of mallow. This results in a full color, with multiple dimensions and full of different effects depending on the light. The reflections can vary from golden blonde, to silver, to golden rose almost with a holographic effect.

How is Mauve Champagne made?

To obtain Mauve Champagne, the balayage technique is performed on a blonde basis to obtain widespread and natural lightening and then the shades of mauve are added. The basic concept is that the more multifaceted and clear the base will be, the more it will give the final effect.

Who is Mauve Champagne good for?

This nuance particularly gives people with a light complexion and it will be much easier to obtain on those who have a blonde head of hair as a starting point. In fact, the steps necessary to reach the desired result will be minor. For those with brown hair, in order to obtain Mauve Champagne, the process will be decidedly more laborious, more risky for the hair, but not impossible. In this case, the hair must first be bleached, then toned with pink and purple highlights, and finally apply the mauve champagne dye. A good thing will be to apply a good moisturizing mask at the end of the procedure to restore tone and shine to our hair and fully enjoy the final result.


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