Mascara for white hair L’Oreal Perfect Retouch

Mascara for white hair

The new gel cream hair mascara L’Oreal Paris colors sporadic threads and white hair in the temple area

Introducing L’Oréal Perfect Touch Precision, a mascara in cream white hair gel with an innovative brush, which quickly covers the sporadic threads and white hair in row and temples.

Mascara L’Oreal Perfect Touch for White Hair

L’Oreal Paris has created the mascara for hair Ritocco Perfetto Precision to cover the white hair in an instant, simple and precise way. The gel cream formulation allows an accurate application, without transfer and which is eliminated with a shampoo.

The 5 colors promise to blend perfectly with every shade of hair, from deep blacks to browns, from chestnut to lighter blondes.

The campaign of the new product of the Perfect Touch range, which also includes instant spray, involves a remarkable cast, different for age and sex: the ambassadors L’Oréal Paris Luma Grothe, Andie MacDowell, Helen Mirren and Aja Naomi King and the actors Morena Baccarin, Inka and Neele Hoeper and Jonathan Saxby. The cast plays the Radici family, with obvious problems of regrowth and white hair.

How It Works The Perfect Mascara Touch Up

Usually white hair makes their appearance near the line and temples. They are annoyingly visible, but so many that they justify total coloring. To solve the problem and eliminate these little white hair in a precise way, L’Oréal Paris has developed the Magic Mix technology, inspired by the world of make-up.

The formula of the mascara for hair, just like a make-up product, is based on mineral pigments: it makes the shades of natural hair with a simple and fast application. The gel texture is creamy and light, zero transfer and is eliminated with a shampoo.

In addition, the exclusive applicator with very thin micro bristles and a flat surface can reach even the finest and most rebellious hair, in order to evenly distribute the correct amount of product. The wide bristles are used for the temples, the narrow ones for the localized white hair.

The mascara Perfect Precision Retouch is available in 5 shades well, to match the different hair colors:

  • Blonde;
  • Dark blond;
  • Brown;
  • Dark brown;
  • Blacks.

How to Use Mascara Retouch Perfect Precision

The use of the new hair mascara L’Oreal Perfect Touch Precision is simple: just 3 gestures and about 5 minutes to cover the white hair.

  • Application: bring back the dry and combed hair and apply the brush to the temples and the white hairs located;
  • Distribution: gently comb the hair for a uniform distribution of the product;
  • Drying: leave to dry for 5 minutes before passing a brush stroke.

Where to Find White Hair Mascara L’oreal Perfect Touch and Price

The white hair mascara L’Oreal Perfect Touch is on sale from January 2019 at a price of 10.90 euros on this page of Amazon and in the best perfume shops of the brand.

What do you think of this mascara for L’Oreal white hair? Do you think you try it? Let us know your opinion in the comments.


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