Man hair care: everything you need to know

Man hair care

Whether it’s a practical short cut or a trendy long hair, the hairstyle is always the star of a well-groomed look. But what really makes the difference in male hair care? Which products should be used, and what is the correct way to apply them? Here are the best tips for hair care and treatment for men.

Men are pragmatic by definition – even when it comes to hair care. They usually opt for the quick solution: a little shampoo or an all-in-one product, and you’re done! But many men, if they knew the results they could get with the help of the right products and with a little more effort, would definitely get busy and spend more time on hair care. Here is a small guide on how to navigate the various products on the market to get the best results.

Hair care guide for men: shampoo

The shampoos are not all the same: they are created specifically for specific needs and contain different ingredients. There are shampoos for oily hair, dry hair, colored hair, anti-dandruff, and many others. How to choose the right shampoo for you? Just pay attention to your daily habits: do you wash your hair every day, every other day, or even several times in a single day? Do you use gel or hair wax? Your hair looks dry and brittle? Would you like to wash them faster? All these questions are essential to find the best shampoo for you.

If your problem is greasy hair, then you might prefer to wash them every day. Our advice is to use a gentle shampoo specifically for oily hair. A little secret: avoid touching your hair too often and try applying a little gel. The gel lifts the base of the hair from the skin, slowing the production of sebum.

If your hair tends to be flat and lifeless, try a caffeine shampoo. This type of shampoo is able to stimulate circulation and ensures adequate nutrition to the roots of your hair.

Do you have dry skin and dandruff does not give you respite? Dandruff can have many causes: for example, it can form due to dehydration due to the effects of excessive use of the hair dryer, especially when the air used is particularly hot. Another cause can be the dry air caused by the heating of the house in winter, or the habit of showering with very hot water. Very often however, dandruff is caused by fungi that attack the skin. In that case it is essential to use a specific shampoo to eliminate them. Do not worry, using the right anti-dandruff product you can get rid of the problem quickly and painlessly, thanks to the presence of active ingredients such as zinc pyrithione.

Choosing the right shampoo is also the secret for hair care for men!

Hair care guide for men: balm and treatments

Do you think you got away with a simple shampoo? Unfortunately, a proper hair care requires something more: the balm, first of all, which acts as a protective film on the hair and makes your hair easier to comb and model after washing. Balsam is therefore a fundamental ally for curly hair and frizzy hair.

Do you have long hair? So it is important to treat them properly. Pamper your hair with an intensive treatment full of active ingredients every week, for a 360 degree cure. If you wish, between one treatment and another you can opt for a 2-minute intensive treatment. Very damaged hair requires deep treatments. Do you miss the time? No problem, most hair treatments for men are extremely fast: they need a maximum of 5 minutes and are really a cure for long hair.

Would you like more volume? Try a hair tonic. This product is composed of herbal extracts and regenerates hair from root to ends, stimulating circulation. The result? A healthy skin and shiny hair.

Man’s hair care: a precious advice

Even the best products in the world can not be effective if they are rinsed off after a few seconds. What makes the difference is the shutter speed. The shampoo needs time to act properly on your hair and make sure that its nutrients take effect. Each shampoo has its recommended laying time, check the package! Do you have little patience? Take the opportunity to relax with a head massage. Or opt for a practical solution, for example you could shave or brush your teeth. As for the shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments that require it: always make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly. The product residues make the hair heavy and give them an unpleasant look unpleasant.


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