How to Make Luxurious Curls for Long Hair at Home?

How to Make Luxurious Curls for Long Hair at Home?

Many girls tend to grow long hair, because they consider them a symbol of femininity, sensuality, romanticism. Short haircut is comfortable and stylish, strands of medium length and universally, but nothing compares to a beautiful head of hair, descending below the middle of the back. From such a shock you can make incredible hairstyles for every day or on a solemn occasion, for a wedding or another holiday.

Choosing the method of laying and the type of curls, you need to consider many factors: the shape of the face, condition and type of hair. If you carefully approach the creation of an image, the hairstyle will turn out to be particularly chic.

Here are the recommendations of professional stylists:

  • Girls with a round face need to do voluminous curls in the root zone and small – at the ends of the strands;
  • elongated, elongated oval looks particularly well in the frame of large waves;
  • oval face gives an opportunity for experiments with a wide variety of curls;
  • curls with the effect of light disheveled look natural, beautifully framing the face of any shape. If the nose, eyes, cheekbones are large, strands should be curled inwards.

A voluminous, magnificent hairdress will decorate tall girls. Miniature ladies should avoid too many curls.

How to Make Luxurious Curls for Long Hair at Home?


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