Long Haircuts Summer 2020: trends in 120 images

Long haircuts Summer 2020: trends in 120 images

Here are the long haircuts for summer 2020 to show off in the city and on vacation!

Let’s find out the new summer long haircuts trends! For those who love important lengths and want to show them off proudly even when it’s hot, the most famous Italian hairstylists, salons and hairdressers offer lots of look ideas to try! From hairstyles on par to scaled and parade ones, from cuts with fringe to those with vintage echoes, let’s see together beautiful images and ideas of long summer 2020 cuts!


After seeing the spring summer 2020 long haircuts, now we reveal the hottest trends to show off under the hottest summer sun! Eric Maurice brings back the central line of the 90s style, while Luigi Martini and the Woow Hair Project plays with important scaling and color contrasts to give volume to the hair. Saint Algue and Evos Hairdressers also add a very scaled side tuft to the mix to create movement in blond hair or with highlights. And on the subject of hair color, green light for meches, balayage and shatush to give brightness and dimension to long scaled and parade haircuts, as suggested by Fabrizio Carrino.


There are very interesting news in store for those with a penchant for summer 2020 long haircuts with bangs! Framesi signs holiday looks with short and irregular bangs with 80s accents. The bangs are further lengthened in Leonardo Rizzo’s proposal, becoming almost a tuft, but we can also wear our scaled bangs with upturned tips if we love preppy bon ton touches! And if you prefer to do it yourself, in our in-depth study we also explain how to cut the bangs yourself with lots of very simple tutorials to follow!


Many proposals from famous hairdressers in terms of long scaled haircuts 2020, starting with the look with very scaled hair by Grzegorz Zakrzewski that aim to enhance the thousand reflections of brown hair. Long tuft hairlooks that go over the chin are ideal for hiding a broad forehead and protruding ears, as well as streamlining the oval face shape. Jagged and showy scales liven up Alina Yeroma’s hairlooks for black and dark hair. And to spice up straight hair even under an umbrella during the holidays, here is the proposal by Linda Lehto with layered and pulled hair seen from behind with a slightly V shape. Did you love these looks? Discover our rich gallery with beautiful photos on the trendiest layered haircuts!


Very long hair and manicured to the ends, these are the watchwords for the summer. With coloring techniques we can give brightness and dimension to long straight hair cuts even by bringing them to the height of the back. Alina Yeroma suggests central parting and monochromatic shades for red hair in warm mahogany nuances that will bring out the tan. But how to best deal with sweat and summer heat on the beach or in the city? Try one of the many hairstyles for the summer that we have selected in our mega photo gallery!


The side parting becomes the queen of the season in Joey Scandizzo’s proposal for Eleven Australia, ideal for a more “wild” and jaunty look. The shades and color contrasts that are never too accentuated are among the hottest trends of the moment in terms of long summer haircuts, as also Michael Kelly shows us. The long layered cut is always an excellent idea to liven up brown hair with blonde streaks, from honey to ash. Very popular in terms of spring summer hair color the hazelnut and mocha bases, to be lightened with caramel locks in warm and typically summer shades or with copper accents as suggested by Jean Claude El Moughayar.


What is in fashion instead for long curly and wavy summer haircuts? Lengths are very important for Genny D’Auria, coming to the chest. Clubstar Art Team X HairFlair dedicates scaled and fluffy cuts in the style of the 70s with a clear central parting to wavy hair. Want to preserve our natural curly hair? Shelby Weather Holtz and Lena Bogucharskaya focus on the side uniform to create volume in a simple way in long summer cuts and have a refined boho chic look. But discover the most beautiful curly hair cuts in our in-depth study!


Looking for summer cuts for refined and trendy ladies? For over 50s and over 60s, shoulder cuts with side tuft remain a must among the most chic, to be worn with a side line and with slight lightening. For those in their fifties and sixties who have a penchant for red hair, go ahead for intense shades of Titian red and mahogany. Lovers of the brunette base? Alcina suggests very light lightening, almost tinted on color and cuts with a long lateral tuft that goes beyond the chin, perfect for focusing attention on the eyes and minimizing expression lines.


But summer is the perfect time to experiment with new hairlooks to show off to the sea and on a mountain holiday! Framesi brings back the focus in its long summer 2020 cuts on the central uniform combined with very long hair that exceeds the bust in full 90s style. Do not underestimate the lively effect of the crease with beach weaves for a girl, sinuous and soft waves that immediately give a jaunty and cheerful touch to the look. And for those who want to dare even on the beach, green light to multicolor cuts as proposed by Hannah Lennon, ideal for optically creating volume in fine and thin hair.


One of the most popular 90s trends this year, long au pair haircuts are the most refined summer diktat launched by several famous hairstylists. Ludovic Geheniaux adapts them to wavy hair, while Steph Peckmore adds a modern touch thanks to shades of ash and gray. Tony & Guy also livens up the cut by mixing colored locks, with the addition of a central line that gives a preppy allure to the look.


Looking for women’s medium-long summer cuts that are easy to wear and tidy up in no time? Games of scaling and important unraveling are the most popular proposal, asymmetrical and pointed cuts on the back combined with medium tufts or beyond the chin line, as in The Niksters proposal. For those who want to enhance the style, the solution is to focus on an ombre hair. If you like shorter looks, discover the wonderful medium summer haircuts in our in-depth analysis with lots of photos!


The perfect middle ground between equal haircuts and highly layered ones, long haircuts with little scaling are the ideal choice for those who love a more romantic and bon ton style. Alessandro Molinari and Elisa Barbieri complete the look with long curtain bangs that almost become a tuft, while Fabrizio Carrino enlivens wavy hair with lightening and a light scaling on the back that vocalizes the attention to the thousand natural and artificial shades of the hair.


Gradual scaling and a line in the center, these are the keywords for Frank Brormann for summer looks. Long blonde hair is back in vogue in shades as cold as ash, proposed by Sophie Gibson and Jonathan Turner strictly on par. By contrast, why not focus on more vibrant pastel notes? Fabrizio Carrino celebrates the pink color in its most romantic and cheerful shades, ideal for giving dimension to the slightly scaled cut. But take a look at the most beautiful wavy haircuts for the summer in our rich gallery!

What do you think of our selection of long summer 2020 haircuts to show off during the hot months? What is what you will ask your hairdresser? Please let us know by leaving a comment!


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