Long haircuts 2020: trends from the best salons

Long haircuts 2020

We present the most interesting 2020 long haircuts coming from the most successful salons on the planet.

You will find many photos for all tastes: of course the same cut is not good if you are smooth or have long, curly, wavy and voluminous hair, but respecting the characteristics of your head you can indulge in bangs, tuft, middle row, waves, and new scaled cuts that are all the rage, and that we’re about to show you.

The long never gets tired, but it should not be overlooked: the best hair cut for a hair from the shoulders down is the one that knows how to enhance the beauty of maxi hairstyles without giving the idea that a woman has not simply wanted to go to the hairdresser for six months.

Long haircuts scaled winter 2019 2020

The long-scaled cut can be declined in a thousand ways, but it must be done with criteria based on the qualities of the hair: for women long hair and broom-effect are two concepts that tend to approach dramatically, especially if the hairdresser does not know how to do .

The tufts of Rush Hair & Beauty are really the dominant feature of the cut, which starts from a short and frayed bangs and stretches progressively, lightly, up to the shoulders. Really beautiful.

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Claude Tarantino proposes scaled and paraded cuts like this, associating it among other things in search of the perfect blond 2020, thanks to what in jargon is called balayage polaire.

A light and bangs is the idea of Dessange Paris for a sloping cut cut designed for straight or slightly wavy hair.

Cut long wavy hair

This long degrade has the strength in a very particular, iridescent and decidedly feminine hair color that Mon Coiffeur Exclusif has thought of among the 2020 long haircuts suitable for wavy hair.

Vog Coiffure brings all the French elegance in a cut oval-shaped cut, then combed with locks to add an idea of nonchalance.

If you fear frizz, learn not to make it a drama and enhance it with a long bangs cut like the one from the GoCoppola salons, with a deliberately slightly wild styling.

Long curly haircuts

Curly hair gives its best in extra lengths, but needs a well-groomed shape like this, slightly rounded with a spontaneous lateral line suitable for a regular face. To make them the same you need the hand of a good hairdresser as well as styling products that keep the curls shiny and tidy.

Long curly haircuts winter 2020A long bob or lob cut straight is ideal for those who have a natural wavy hair with a nice neat and regular curl, or want to do it with the tools of the trade

Medium long haircuts

The medium-long dimension is the compromise for those who do not like excesses, the happy medium that satisfies women of all ages. Many actresses over 60 in fact have never given up the medium long hair, just think of Susan Sarandon or Catherine Deneuve.
Of course it must be considered that it is still a hair to be treated with care, even more so when approaching the menopause period. However, the winter hair trends show us many medium-long cuts suitable for those with beautiful hair, for example the best Club for Wella hairstylists think of past divas, but with a very modern and brilliant color, in this medium wave cut screwed.

This medium-long cut created for Sebastian Professional is also really fascinating, with a full-bodied tuft that covers the cheekbone and enhances the oval of the face.

The concept here is by Giorgio Parrivecchio for Wella and is a good suggestion for those with fine hair but don’t want to give up on femininity. The color combination can be dared even when one’s own gray is now natural, only to be retouched with a whimsical touch that plays down it.

Long hair with waves

Kemon has designed this cut with a central line to enhance natural and light waves, ideal for those with a “neither meat nor fish” structure with roots that tend to flatten out.

On the same length … wave is Saint Algue with this beautiful wavy fold on a symmetrical cut, slightly scaled but “full”.

Splendid curves are those that Toni & Guy’s hairdressers have created on this long silky hair, of a special blond. The lateral line so deep tender volume, care must be taken to reproduce it correctly when combing at home to prevent the cut from appearing “out of phase”.

The hairstylers have named them “distracted waves”: this long Waves take light from the color contrasts in a cut with rather clean lines and a decisive tone.

As you can see, the 2020 long haircuts are many and it must be said that the attention of stylists on important lengths is always high, even in terms of styling products. Which one would you like to try?


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