Long hair autumn winter 2018 2019: fashion cuts and colors!

Long haircuts 2019

Scaled hair, central line and the imprinting technique among the novelties long haircuts 2019 winter from the best hair stylist!

The fashion long haircuts 2019 winter passes from hair scaled to bangs and marks a return of the row in the middle. In addition, autumn colors and pop colors are combined with special effects such as imprinting but also highlights and balayage!

Let’s find out all the latest news about the latest trends in long haircuts autumn winter 2018 2019!

Long Haircuts 2019

Among the long haircuts climbed for winter 2019 we find first of all the practical and casual disheveled style. The fold of Intermede, for example, benefits a very cut cut as it enhances the different scalings.

The long haircut scaled highlights the color giving it multidimensionality as in the case of JLD. Saint Algue proposes a V-shaped scaling with ringlets while JLD still shows how a slight frontal unfolding frames the face and gifts character to the straight hair.

Long Haircuts with Riga in the middle

The line in the middle of the 60s is back in fashion. The long haircut of the autumn 2018 of JLD but also of Davines associates it with equal lengths both smooth and curly to emphasize texture and color of the hair.

Instead Intermede combines the line in the center with a cut cut from the natural fold for a daily look and easy to maintain.

Cuts with Bangs and Champion

The bangs frames the face and helps to cover the high forehead. Among the long haircuts winter 2019 we notice the long and full bangs of Coiff & Co softens and rounds the most angular and long faces.

For a more rock-like look, Framesi creates a light-weighted bangs with a big movement. While the crescent shape of JLD matches with the particularly scaled cuts. Finally, the Intermede tuft is perfect for side-line cuts.

Hair Colors 2019

Long hair autumn winter 2018 2019 embrace the season colors with coiffure mahogany from the red fire of Coiff & Co. While Jean Louis David aims to use a light copper from the natural complex.

The platinum presented by Jean Paul Myne in a wearable look with visible regrowth remains fashionable. Finally, shades from violet to pink characterize the work by Gerry Santoro. While Alfaparf Milano dyes single locks of bright violet in pop ’90 style.

Meches, Balayage, Imprinting

Blows of sun and balayage allow more and more to lighten the hair with gradual and striking nuances. For example the browns of Saint Algue are valid.

Davines presents for the long haircuts 2019 winter creative contrasts of color and refined nuances tone on tone. The new imprinting technique uses a magnetic-based instrument that transfers cutting-edge effects to hair with two metal stencils.

What do you think about the long hair cuts autumn winter 2018 2019? Which hair stylists have conquered you? Let us know by leaving a comment!


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