Long haircuts 2019 summer: images from the best salons

Long haircuts 2019 summer

Summer 2019, new cuts long straight hair, wavy and curly from the best salons. Here are photos and ideas for a nice long cut, scaled or paro, with a color and dye look.

From smooth to rough, here are the new long haircuts 2019 summer: what emerges according to the most famous hairdressers is that the strongest trend for long hair is in the scaled cut or even the cut.

Shortening the length after all also serves to increase the volume of fine hair, as well as to show off a new look. Sometimes it takes very little: a bangs of fashion or even a slight scaling in front without affecting too much the back length and here you can change appearance, rejuvenate the face and enhance the hair.

Let’s see then the images of new long cuts, the trendy summer colors and the new hairstyles, among which you can find what is best suited to your face.

Cut long scaled hair

Company of beauty

Climbed, but not emptied: this cut remains full and defined, dynamic thanks to the light scaling on the sides of the face and the shorter locks thought to highlight cheekbone and mouth. It can also be worn with a long parisienne bangs, which grazes the lashes. Here a styling that gives a spontaneous effect, with very light waves and natural lines is fine. The color is Miami Blond.

Aldo coppola

For example, on a coppery like this, the Aldo Coppola salons have created a deliberately natural movement, where the slashed cut and the slightly disheveled styling give the hair the appearance that would give it a day of summer breeze, definitely fashionable.

Davines Wild

Angelo Seminara with the Wild collection, created for Davines, proposes simple cuts capable of enhancing every woman’s natural beauty: these are ideas that allow you to easily manage your hair at home, with a serum and mousse to define curly hair. Here the long-scaled cut is enlivened by much lighter colored locks with a particular contrasting shade.

Long cut summer hair

Elgon’s Blonde Ambition

With Blonde Ambition Elgon works on the idea of personalizing the blonde, almost like a lifestyle that spans the decades from the seventies to the present. To enhance it, long cuts made with unisex techniques, as in this cut that has a slight scaling only towards the tips, and the combed hair with a very feminine deep line.

Wella Professional

A fascinating color, vintage but at the same time absolutely modern, between mahogany and chestnut: it goes together with this beautiful cut with scaling that start around the face and on the front, to show off on a smooth hair combed with a side row. This is Wella Professional’s proposal for next summer.

the style for long summer hair 2019 evokes the divas of the past (like Jane Birkin) taking up those hairstyles with the bangs and the natural wavy hair. Here is a beautiful proposal from the creative team of Number 4 High Performance Hair Care, a brand of vegan hair products.

A simple cut like this proposed by the Dessange Paris salons adapts to a healthy hair: as soon as it is pulled out, it only lightens the ends. It is enhanced in particular by the lighter blond shades around the face, on a dark blond base, and by the wavy hairstyle.

The cuts for long straight hair are a thousand, but to wear a scaling well you need healthy hair, shiny hair and young faces. The warm auburn color does the rest, as in this hairstyle with a row at the center made by the good hairstilyst Christine Margossian who used a brush, hair dryer and a straightening hair product.

The curly hair that has returned with arrogance among the 2019 hair trends is trimmed only on the tips and left natural: in this proposal of the Saint Algue salons we see a sloping cut that keeps the length, worked with the curling iron and fixed with a spray to increase the volume.

The medium long summer haircuts 2019

The simplicity of the long scaled bob cut with a stripe and side tuft also accompanies the trends of Fabio Salsa salons. This hairstyle gains a lot from an apparently “simple” color, a chestnut that slopes down gently towards the blonde copper and gives it to all.

Tips just thinning for this simple wavy hairstyle, which falls just below the shoulders, lit by an elegant combination of blond created by the experts of Dessange Paris.

A “femme s├ęduisante” is that of Camille Alban who for these hazelnut-colored hair has thought of soft lengths, to which to give volume only to the root, and then yield to the bush starting from the height of the chin.

The pink peach color illuminates this cut with a line at the center of the Biosthetique. Here the styling is created in the salon and provides soft waves without exaggerating in volume, focusing instead on the distribution of light on the locks.

These are the best long hair cuts for summer 2019: as you have seen, the trend is for hair with more or less accentuated scaling, a way to give femininity and sensuality without upsetting your hair.

How to have long shiny and healthy hair: tips and secrets

Let’s face it: the health and appearance of the hair, like that of the skin, always depends on you: nutrition, general psychophysical state, stress level are factors that strongly influence the result. But in addition to eating healthy, drinking a lot and moving around can help with the right products. The long hair should be kept clean, but always fed.

It should be protected from the sun and from salt with the appropriate oils, and rehydrated after the holidays with a nourishing treatment that does not weigh it down and hydrates the skin without “fattening” it. If you dye your hair, the choice of products (in the salon or even at home) of more than good quality is absolutely decisive: poor dyes flop and ripple! Not for nothing here we have shown you some of the best names in terms of colors. Even the equipment counts: use only the latest generation of plates and hair dryers to avoid the risk of “burning” the hair.

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