Long Haircuts 2019: photos and trends


The trends change every few years and it seems that these changes are intended to bring versatility and style to the hair, and long hair cuts are no exception. The possibilities are very varied and all aim to create a feminine and charming look.

We know that almost all women are passionate about being able to wear a hair full of vitality, style and as much as possible according to the main trends of fashion, so we will show you a few possibilities for this year. When choosing a cut, also consider the shape of your face, hair type and facial features.

Layered long haircuts

One of the trends that has prevailed for several years is to wear long hair in layers. The layers can add volume to the fine hair and remove volume to the hair too abundant. They also give a lot of movement because we take a lot of weight off the hair. The layers, in addition, allow to highlight certain characteristics of our face. This is why it is important to choose a cut according to our face type and our hair type.

This cut has no limits when experimenting with different layer designs. You can use your creativity and according to your personality choose the cut with layers that you like. It is also important that you ask for help from a stylist so as not to make mistakes.

It is important to keep the hair shiny and clean. Many times helping with the hair straightener will be perfect to highlight the layers and make them look pretty.

The layers add a youthful effect to the hair and in addition, they can be made in short, long or medium length hair. They are also suitable for any type of personality and for all ages.

They are an excellent idea to give volume to those who have little or very fine hair, but at the same time, those who have very thick or abundant hair, can remove volume. It all depends on the amount of layers that are made, so it is important to make this type of cuts with an experienced professional.

If the layers are not enough for a change of look, you can take advantage of a good bangs, either side or on the forehead.

Long cut

Long hair without a doubt has the property of giving us some of the most versatile cuts and hairstyles, but many times if it is not polished properly it can be boring, diminishing style. One of the easiest ways to give beauty to hair, is by a simple parade. The layers are very subtle and the tips are fine-tuned.

It is a good option for very smooth hair.

The parade becomes our best ally to look natural and full of movement, can be adopted in a host of possibilities and styles, and is also recommended in many cases to accompany by means of pretty bangs, allowing the latter also in any of its variants.

Haircut Double Long Bob

Every year we look for a modern look to start the new year renewed both inside and out. A style that will impose a trend in 2019 is the long Bob hair, but also the so-called “double long”, which is ideal to give our look a 180 degree turn.

Bob style earns more followers in current fashion every year, and this style is especially preferred by thousands of women around the world, for being a challenging and other stylish cut.

Asymmetries and thick bangs are some of the features that can be incorporated into this style of hair.

Curly or wavy long hair cuts

Curls are very difficult to handle, but there are lots of things you can do to deal with your hair is not a difficult task. The natural texture is a gift and we should not waste it, so it is good that you learn to take care of your curly hair, choose the styling that you favor and that you can make your natural curls shine.

Naturally curly hair tends to be dry and rough, so it is good to have special care and it will be easier to tame. You must give proper care to their needs using shampoos and conditioners specially formulated to retain moisture, to avoid frizz and shape your curls as well as shine. It would also be good to once a week do some deep conditioning treatment to combat frizz.

Drying your hair with a diffuser will leave your curls with a lot of volume and shape. Using a curler you can retouch the layers of the front and top to give shine and definition to the curls and waves.

It is very common not to want to cut the shorter curls for fear that they become more rebellious and very curly. But there are several innovative cuts. Make a graduate and with layers of two levels will help your curls are an incredible way. It would be good to choose a stylist who knows curly hair.

Straight cuts

This is a highly recommended cut for girls with straight hair. Being able to see how each of the proposals we present today through photos, are very effective ways to add a share of sensuality and good taste to our look, as well as being one of the most modern options of the season.

Long hair with bangs

For a modern and updated hair, one of the best proposals are the cuts with bangs, since they are ideal to show off a very carefree look, a key point that many always look for.

The bangs are so versatile that they are reinvented season after season to get the best out of them, keeping them in one of the fashion spots. They are perfect to frame the face and favor it.

A blunt bangs is the perfect way to add a well-defined framework to face. Those who are not afraid of this intriguing image, can opt for this style.

Fashionable Bangs are still thick and strong this year. Whether in a boho style and disheveled, with an aura of the 60s, or straight and smooth. You can wear bangs with a bob or layered mane. It can work perfectly with a look inspired by the 60s.

An alternative proposal to straight bangs, is the less thick bangs, which do not cover the forehead completely. They are some of the most adaptable to different hair textures.

The point that you should not skip when it comes to a change of look that includes bangs, is to make a careful study of what texture of hair and what shape of face we have to choose the one that suits us best.

To choose an appropriate bangs for your face you should consider what face shape you have. If you have a round face, long bangs to the side of the face is ideal if your face is heart-shaped, bangs on the forehead is more appropriate, whereas if you have an oval face can afford to Choose any type of bangs and haircut because everything will look perfect.

Youthful cuts

If you want to achieve a youthful appearance, the waves and cuts that allow you to look slightly disheveled, are one of the best options.

The curls can become the best accessory for a long hair, giving it a more natural, fresh and youthful look. But to get the best out of it one of the keys will be to find the optimal length, which frames the face favorably.

All the cuts allow us to benefit from the evolution of hairdressing techniques, which today more than ever bet on layers and scrolls. In addition, thanks to the huge amount of high quality products that the market presents, we can also easily get a vital hair, strong and bright, on which any cut will look spectacular.

Clearly long haircuts are one of the most versatile, as they are ideal to accompany almost all existing forms of face and hair textures. They are also one of those that allow us a greater number of hairstyles.

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