Say goodbye to scissors! Long hair will be the favorite of 2021

Say goodbye to scissors! Long hair will be the favorite of 2021

Say goodbye to short hair and pixies, long is coming again to reign this winter and also next year.

With this pandemic, it is not at all strange that many girls have refrained from going to beauty salons for their quarterly haircut, so the hair of many has grown a lot.

The X-Large mane sweeps

According to Bridget Brager, hairstylist to the famous in Hollywood, very long hair will be the way everyone will want to wear their hair next year.

It is not that long hair is a trend, but now we will bet more on natural and soft shapes and not so much on small or very marked cuts.

There is no magic formula

Do not get obsessed either, remember that hair grows one to two centimeters per month, about 15 a year. Don’t expect to have it knee-deep overnight.

Remember that habits are important and those that should remain in your routine forever are: do not wash it with hot water, do not brush it when it is wet and do not abuse the plates.


To stimulate its growth, eat properly, use shampoos that help to stimulate it, drink some teas, hydrate it with masks from time to time and use rosemary as a complement. Soon you will have a magazine hair.


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