Long hair man: beautiful cuts to be charming and sexy

Long hair man

Why are they seductive? The meaning of man’s long haircuts, trends, how to make them grow and how to take care of them!

Men with long hair have a timeless appeal. The long hair frames the face, makes the look mysterious and makes the man seductive and intriguing.

But which cut to choose based on your hair type? What are the fashionable men’s long cuts? We show you many photos and give you advice on how to choose the perfect look, how to treat long hair for men, how to grow them and how to style them.

Long hair man

Long Hair Man Cutting

The length of the cut varies according to taste and desire to take care of the hair. The most optimal solution, even for men, is a medium long cut, the bob cut to the masculine.

The choice should be made based on the type of hair (curly, smooth or rough) and the look you want to get. From the most elegant hairstyling smooth with combed hair backwards, to the wildest of the hair left in the natural, passing through top knot hairstyles or dreadlocks.

Discover the many long hair cuts that can be made!

Long cut for men

Long Curly Man’s Hair

Beard and long hair is the classic bad boy look. The rock stars of the ’70s and’ 60s like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison have brought this timeless style to the fore.

Curly-haired hairless hair, therefore, very often combined with uncultivated beard. How to create this hairstyle?
Curls, tight curls, wavy, the choice of cut depends a lot on the type of hair you have. A defined hedgehog will have to be lightened a little (not much!) And the rough moved, but never bound to a particular line, just to keep the effect disheveled.

To better manage your hair, it is important to choose the right products. Here are our tips on different shampoo for curly hair.

Long hair cuts for men

Long Straight Hair for Him

Blonde hair with sunblocks, coppery or chocolate brown. The smooth crown is the one that best lends itself to better show the natural reflexes of the hair and the one that can be styled faster.

Among the many cuts long hair man with the smooth we can therefore also choose scaled hairstyle. How to comb them? With a smooth head the line can be changed from time to time. Row in the middle, lateral, maybe even with a tuft.

Men’s long hair climbed

Medium Long Hair Man

Long wavy man’s hair can easily lend itself to medium length cuts. The hair comes under the ears or at most at the nape.

Fashionable cuts want a ‘neatly messy’ hair, natural but cured. In the case of wild hair we leave the hair to its dynamic movement, keeping it well nourished and healthy using nourishing and moisturizing products such as coconut shampoo.

Long Rasta Hair

Rasta hair is not simply a hairstyle, but a symbol of belonging to a religious movement: Rastafarianism. The dreadlocks are composed of many knots in the hair that are created naturally by not cutting or combing the hair or working them with crochet after combing the hair.

How to wash the dreads? It is important to choose non-shiumogenic shampoos that clean the skin and rinse easily without leaving residues.

Hair man with dread

Long Hair Wet Effect

A great classic for men’s hair: the wet effect! It makes better on medium-long man’s hair, to leave natural or tidily combed backwards.

Waxes and hair gels are the best allies for a perfect wet effect: do not overdo it though, your hair does not have to look greasy!

Long elegant man’s hair

Long Hair Man Tied Up

How to style long hair? In many ways! The most trendy hairstyle is knot, a messy bun that by definition does not have to be precise. It is made by collecting the hair in a tail, which will then be rolled up on itself and stopped by the rubber band. Nothing to do then with the classic knotted knot in an orderly manner.

Precisely its intrinsically disfigured nature makes this hairstyle a perfect hairstyle for long male cuts. For the man the top knot bun is preferred, then hair collected in a voluntarily unruly way on the top of the head.

Who has braids and dreadlocks do not forget the possibility of keeping the hair in tidy with a band or a timeless bandana.

Men’s hairstyles

Long Hair Man

Always a symbol of power, nobility and comfort (just think of the eighteenth century wigs), long hair has a value of strength and vigor that still fascinates. In the ’70s and’ 80s the longhairs were considered neglected and unreliable. That sense of “savage” is still a bit ‘in the image of a man able to keep long hair and treated. Definitively cleared in the 90s, thanks to the tail of Fiorello and to that of Roberto Baggio, long hair in men today have become a very popular choice of style.

Both the small and the big screen have helped bring long hair to man, tying this hair to virile men, a bit ‘wild and Viking spirit. An example? Jason Momoa in the film Acquaman or in the TV series Games of Thrones or Kit Harington, the Jon Snow de Il Trono di Spade.


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