Long hair for men: some ideas on how to style them

Long hair for men

From the classic chignon to the most modern hairstyles: here is how to arrange your hair if you are a man and you love to wear them long.

For years now, even men have long hair and this fashion is no longer a taboo today. Let’s see together the nuances most used by men who prefer this type of hair.

Long hair: tied or not?

The choice of whether to wear long hair tied to a man depends very much on the cut and the type of hair one has. Collecting long ponytail hair for men is a very practical way to look organized and accurate. The tail is easy to do and prevents the hair from going on the face and in the eyes.

Instead, the man’s beard and long curly hair is the classic look adopted by rock stars of the sixties and seventies like Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison, who were the progenitors of this style that has become everlasting today: we think of actors like Kit Harington or Penn Badgley.

Long, wavy hair for a man who must never ask

The wavy hair in a man allows the creation of an infinity of styles and different ways in which to wear them. Whether you are inspired by the looks of Bradley Cooper, Chris Hemsworth or Jason Momoa, remember that this type of hair requires a lot of care.

First of all, you need to use a shampoo and conditioner that allows you to maintain the wavy effect of the hair, perhaps even adding macassar oil to get an extra volume.

To comb your hair we recommend wide-toothed combs. The use of lacquers and waxes can help to give the desired shape or make them more disordered, with a “beautiful and damned” effect.

Man: long, shaved hair on the sides

Among the most popular cuts by the man who wants to wear long hair are the shaded ones, with the line, shaved and with the long tuft, but also brought forward.

The possible variants also depend on the type of shade you choose: in fact, this can be high or low depending on the shape of your face and the cut you want.

More than shaved cuts, here we are talking about geometric cuts, short on the sides and thick on the upper and central part of the head.

Men’s hair: long and stylish

One of the most popular trends of the moment, talking about men’s hairstyles is to wear long hair combed back. You can also use a bit of gel to get a glamorous and retro style, always elegant.

A type of hairstyle suitable for men of all ages who sported celebrities like Tom Hardy and Jared Leto. A must that cannot be missed to combine is a short or long beard as long as it is a uniform beard, naturally with the inevitable mustache.

Hair for men with side tuft

If this hairstyle does not satisfy you, you can always comb the tuft sideways, relegating a more sober charm to the hair. The side tuft can be worn either natural or slightly fixed with lacquer.

This type of tuft is the perfect solution for those with a hair that is neither too short nor too long and a smooth hair. From Ryan Gosling to footballer David Beckham, a cut that never goes out of style.

The main trends in long hair for men, this year, abandon the traditional lines of past seasons, to leave room for imagination and a more free and creative style.

So choose, among the various hairstyles, the one that suits you best based on your personality, hair type and the shape of your face and give free rein to your creativity!

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