Long Hair Care: How to Keep Them Beautiful?

Long Hair Care

Long hair does not just need, but deserves more attention. By the time a hair reaches shoulder length it has already managed to survive for at least three years. This means that it has continued to grow by exceeding at least three hundred shampoos, not to mention any colors!

This is the truth for all long hair: from the scalp to the tip, the hair becomes increasingly sensitive and subject to damage. Anyone wearing long hair is terrified of split ends. The safest and most drastic remedy, once the hair has split into two or more fibers, is the cut, but it can be avoided by using split ends repair products and checking the health of the hair regularly. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to use the most suitable products for their care.

The way to take care of long hair is different than short hair and this gives rise to another challenge. There must be nothing to make the hair adhere to the scalp, while the use of abundant balsam is necessary towards the ends. It’s a great challenge but using the right products will give excellent results.

Nine tips for long hair care

  • Doing just shampooing is not enough for long hair, whatever it is. You should always use the conditioner after shampooing and take specific care once a week.
  • Brush your hair before washing it so that the shampoo creates less tangles and knots.
  • Never make a ponytail with wet hair. The loose hair dries faster as well as the fact that wet hair is more sensitive and subject to abuse. Even a simple rubber band could ruin them.
  • Never rub wet hair with a towel: rather, press it at the roots and push it slowly towards the ends of the hair.
  • Metal clips or elastics without fabric lining should not be used. Over time, they make their hair bangs.
  • Keep your hair loose at home. Treat them gently avoiding hairstyles like ponytails, pigtails or braids. Put a band (but avoid plastic ones) if the hair on your face annoys you.
  • Let the hair dry itself when possible.
  • When possible, select the cold air setting on the hair dryer. If you need to use warm air, keep a distance of at least 6 cm between the head and the nozzle of the hair dryer.
  • Brushing hair with natural bristles gives splendor: more natural bristles per square centimeter has a brush plus the radiance of the hair will be evident. Find out more about hair care.


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