16 Reasons that will make you love the ‘long bob’ haircut

Long bob haircut

When we have long hair we want it short, and when we cut it we want it long. All women go through this, it is our eternal battle.

The good news is that there is a middle point: the long bob. This cut is perfect for the heat and the best thing is that it is long enough to comb your hair if you do not want to wear it loose. What more can you ask? Dare to change your look and give it a chance to cut long bob.

It is the long and versatile version of the bob cut

Being a layered cut gives movement to your hair

They are very good to thin faces because it gives them volume

It’s long enough to comb in different ways

Whether you wear it straight

Or with carefree waves t-shirts

It looks great with an online cut A

Add texture with the balayage technique

You can also dye the tips with fantasy dye

Or all the hair, why not?

Change your face!

You can add a bangs and it will look great

The best thing is that it is easy to style

You just have to stylize with mousse and you’re done

It is the midpoint between short and long

Give style to your mane!

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