Long Bob Curly Hair

Long Bob Curly Hair

Anymore, our hairs neither long nor short. In this season, hair is medium length “lob” actually hairs should be long bob. Some actors like Jennifer Lawrance, Kaley Cuoco make a chose for this hairstyles. If you ask me why should I cut my hair long bob curly hair answer is so easy because it has enough lenght to giving shape and it seems so cool. When you bored, you can make a ponytail or you can give a shape by plaiting hair. After having shower you can dry your hair quickly. So, long bob curly hair is most famous hairstyle. The choice is completely yours.

Harmony Between Face And Hair

If your face is round or ovoid side-seperated hair is suitable for you. Thus, you don’ t need to worry about your hairstyle. If your hairstyle is natural curls or wavy you can use long bob curly hair. Actually, If you have round face, you can be have problem about short hair and start thinking short hair does not suitable for me because your face can be seen more round.

Hair Care

Everyone knows that curls is one of the important thing for  long bob curly hair because curls have  a big role to seems beautiful. For curls, you actually all of us should use hair cream for curls, hair wax and use comb according to hairstyle. All of them comes to you hard for us but we know that all of this not important because the result will be so good and affective.

Long Bob Curly Hair


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