Living Coral Hair Color: the Trend 2019

Living coral hair color

The Living Coral Hair Color is on Everyone’s Head: Let’s find out more…

We see it flourish, day by day, in colors and fashion trends … even before leaving home in the morning we struggle to forget the scarf and hat. Spring is in the air and on the heads of the most daring who dare with the trendy color of 2019: the Living Coral Hair color.

The Pantone proposal of 2019 is called Living Coral, and it’s a lot of talk right away. A tone that has generated an enthusiasm to end up even in the ranking of the most beautiful hair colors of all time.

The Living Coral on the hair is the Pantone that contains not only the spirit of a lively year, full of optimism, but also aspects addressed to hot topics and always current, such as climate changes of recent times. A color between pink and peach, with golden undertones and coral, which expresses a charge of positivity, solidarity and change aimed at protecting the planet.

It is precisely for these winning themes that the color hair 2019 is tinged with Living Coral, an explosive encounter and pushed to the maximum between shades of the past such as Rose Gold and Peach Blonde. But all in strong version. The coral tones start to stand out on the heads of Hollywood divas such as Lucy Hale, Hailey Baldwin and Julia Roberts, actresses with different colors but to which the Living Coral matches perfectly.

The Living Coral hair color is bright, reassuring, enveloping but at the same time light and delicate. A shade that can remember copper but with a touch of lightness given by pink, coral and lavender that make it perfect for the milder seasons.

Living Coral Hair Color: Who Is It OK?

If you are wondering whether the Living Coral hair color matches your complexion or not, we answer “absolutely yes”. Those with darker hair can combine with the coral color of the lavender or violet tones, so as not to highlight too much the light shades of the orange. While the blondes will have even more easy life thanks to their natural color. Always remember that a tint on the rose tends to cool the skin, while an orange effect will heat it.

Living Coral Hair Color for Blondes

The basic shade is copper, a warm color that stands out on lighter complexions. The Living Coral is perfect for blondes, or light browns, as it offers a practical and simple solution to be realized to all those who want to take a break from the usual blond and make a real “header”. Blonde hair will not need excessive bleaching treatments, as their natural tone will only allow you to simply add a touch of pink or peach, depending on your preference. In this way you will get a magnificent gold-pink effect.

Living Coral Hair Color for the Dark

Who has dark hair, and think it is impossible to opt for the Living Coral, just consider a color on the shades of intense fishing. In this way you can easily get a combination of dark between peach and lavender.

Living Coral Hair Color: Balayage

Ever heard of balayage? One of the most innovative techniques in terms of hair that provides a natural lightening of the hair, especially on the tips. With the balayage the natural color is respected, managing to manage the regrowth without problems. It is ideal for blondes, since thanks to the balayage they manage to give evident nuances without damaging the hair too much.

Living Coral Hair Color: Long or Short Hair?

The Living Coral hair color gives the best of itself on long and medium hair, as it allows you to play with reflections of light and color for a bewitching result. But not to underestimate the effect on pixie cut and masculine cuts, to which the Living Coral gives a touch of vigor and energy for a really cheeky look.

Let’s get ready for a sensational season, let’s take courage, let’s have a header and let’s put the summer on us: the Living Coral is waiting for us!


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