Like braids: photos, diagrams and step by step instructions


How to weave a simple beautiful braid, known to all owners of long hair and long-haired mothers children. But if you want to perform more complex construction you will have to start seeing how professionals do, reading diagrams and photographs. Having learned the skill, you will always be able to build trendy, original hairstyle.

Beautiful stocking is not only a great way to create a beautiful hairstyle, but also a good opportunity to include hair care.

Hair, braided in braids, do not interfere, not Posada, not confused. Some hairstyles that can be worn do not shave for 2-3 days. This is very useful when the child goes to kindergarten or to school.

A braid of a beautiful braid regardless, as practice shows, only three or four practical lessons, and this technique will be mastered.

Several step-by-step instructions on how to weave the braids with diagrams and photographs presented on this page.

Weave a single French braid at home

This is the easiest way to learn braid.

If you have not been able to weave the braids of hair, better start with the ordinary classic French braids. The hairstyle can be done on long or medium hair.

KOs can be single, double, or any other variation. But here we consider the simplest option – a step by step weaving a single French braid in the middle of the head.


Comb the hair if they are soft and lightly wet with water. If you have bangs, separate, leaving free. Long bangs can be braided into a braid. Stand back and ask, just tilt your head. At the front of the head, pick up a bunch of hair, divide it into 3 parts and start weaving a normal braid. Each sock add the bunch of hair in your hand the threads from the sides, alternatively, with one and the other. KOs should gradually start to thicken. Fine weaving loose cascade braid and tie it with a rubber band. Optionally, the tail can be left loose.

Step-by-step of braided weaving is shown in the picture:

How to weave the hair in a beautiful braid – «the snail»

Complex, but easy to master “snail” haircut is very comfortable in the summer. Hair collected, it will not be easy and fresh.

If the basket a little staring at the paint, you can run «the snail» for a couple of days. Hair is not suitable for too rare and thin hair, but it will be great thickness.

Instructions for weaving with your own hands the braids – «snails»:

Comb for hair and moisten with water, it may be easier to do it from the dispenser. Divide your hair to reveal at the center of the crown. In the middle of the head, separate a small strand and start braiding. Start weaving a thin braid, moving clockwise. You have to move your head around. Braid in a circle in a spiral, the acquisition of hair with only one, external part. The thickness of the braids, adjust at your discretion. The more often the hair, the more speed can occur. Finish weave, tie the tail with a rubber band and attach the invisible hair tip, or any other clasp.

Zapletal at home braid – «basket»

Another very original hairstyle created by weaving.

The «cart» will be a good option for the hot season.

It can be done as a holiday hairstyle. Spiral fits with any hair density and length from shoulder blades.

Zapletal home braided «basket»:

Carefully comb the hair. On top of collecting from the Central part of the tail hair. If you want the “basket” to be bulky, you can wear a thick rubber band to the tail. Start weaving a normal French braid around the circumference of the head. Better to start with the side or bottom. Alternatively weaves in a braid of thread with the outer edging of the hair and tail. Having closed the circle, zaplatite loose the braid at the end. Popliteo for the invisible «basket», or collect in one solution, garnish with a clasp.

These images show the plot of the braid with the hands – «baskets»:

How to braid hair – «heart»

A girly cute braids of hair, made in the shape of hearts, suitable for fashionistas of all ages.

Hair for this fabric must be the length from the shoulder blades and longer. The plot itself is simple, but requires some skill. It is easy to execute those who have already learned to weave the “dragons”.

Instructions on how to braid French hair – «heart»:

Comb the children with hair. First, make a straight dividing line. On each half side make a diagonal division, slightly climbing. Each of the 4 zones of the resulting tie rubber tie, the hair does not interfere with the net and separations are not broken. Begin weaving braids from above, from the inside out corner, to hair. Approach the edge, but do not complete the braid and make a smooth fold, go to the bottom of the hair. Doplatit braid diagonally by dividing and fasten it with a rubber band. Do the same thing on the other side of the head. The resulting braids connect. You should have a heart. Optional to weave the braids at the bottom all the back hair can be left loose. And you can collect all the lower part of the hair in a single braid.

Schematic view and photo how to weave beautiful braids:

Codino quickly

Cute braid of fabric for a couple of minutes to assemble, also suitable for crumbs. Haircut can be done on medium length hair.


Comb the hair and take on the upper side of division. A small part to collect ponytail hair. Starting from the middle of the forehead, weave a small braid, moving diagonally. Finish the braid at the level of the existing queue. Collect the second ponytail from the rest of the hair. At the end you will have two beautiful tail and braid of fabric from the front.

Do network, do not forget that the braids should not cause the child uncomfortable.

Do not braid too tight. All of the above hairstyles you can easily master at home alone for a couple of things. With any of these braids your little girl will look irresistible.

Here you can see step-by-step weaving photos of a simple braid:

Curly weave the French braids for beginners

French braid, although very simple in its technique, but allows you to create incredibly beautiful curly braids. If you have the weaving block this kind of braid, it’s time to move on to a bit more complicated options.

Collected create an unusual hairstyle, which will be envied by others.


His hair was slightly wet with water for posed, combed. In the middle of the parietal horizontal smooth areas of division, sucesive of the forward hair, the rest can stick with a clip not to interfere. Begin to weave to the side, to take a comfortable position relative to temple, detachable strand from the edge and start weaving. Intertwined in a braid gradually separate the hair from the forehead, moving from one temple to another. When it has come to the opposite edge, cut the braid with a flower clip, and separate the part of hair in the middle of the head, while the rest can collect in rubber. Take the braid braid again and continue stitching, make a u-turn and stand for the middle part. For this you will have to change his position, which move around. Do the same turning, to spit, going to the bottom of the third part. Finish side of the braid, continue to braid until the ends free. Braid cascade push up, setting aside, and invisible clasp. Decorate the hair decorative clothespins and elegant weaving done! Optionally, you can leave the braid loose.

Kosa «on the contrary»

The same technique can vary if you make a braid «backwards».

Display videos also for beginners weaving curly French braid, which shows all the nuances of operation:

A variation of weaving braids

You can use the following step-by-step weaving option.


The hair must be clean. Wet them with a little water, comb. Make a horizontal partition along the head line. A forward safesite part, the bottom of killing or tightening a rubber band so as not to interfere. To weave the necessary to start with the storm. Separate a small strand from one side and start making a braid, but exactly the opposite, which is, inside and out, inside. If the first time you do this, you can initially succeed, even if, in General, there is nothing complicated. Do not worry if the braid falls apart, melt and start again. Continue to move around the front of the temple, weaving braided threads on the sides of the separate section of hair. This type of braid turned out to be convex, more important if it were a classic weave. Reaching the edge, braid the braid at the ends and tighten with a rubber band. From the bottom to collect the hair in a ponytail at the nape and tie in a pigtail. Decorate the tail with a beautiful decorative bars or elastic. Haircut is ready.

Evening hairstyle with braid

This compensation is suitable as an evening option. It seems incredible.

Doing it yourself is a blink of an eye, the picture clearly visible to the whole sequence of such networks.

Instructions on how to weave beautiful braids:

Clean the hair comb, dividing them smoothly into the parietal area. From the parting off, select a thin lock of hair and braid the braid right on the edge of the hairline, for its temple. While weaving in strands of hair with only one exterior. When it has reached the temple, keep loose weaving, while the length of the braid reaches half of the head. Holding the scythe in his hand and pulling it toward the center, separated from the other side of the thin thread and weaving in a braid. In between the hair that remains loose. Continue weaving and wrap the braid from a thin filament on the opposite side. Approaching the return to expand the braid and begin to separate the same hide-and-seek now on the other side, wrapped in the net. Do these rides as many times as allows the length of the hair. The tip of the lock with a thin elastic. A chic hairstyle is ready. A minimum of effort, and the result is excellent!

The more you weave a series of braids, the easier it will be to get. A little ‘patience, and you do not need the services of hairdressers, has always surprised others with charming hairstyles.

Clean hair with braid is always comfortable and beautiful. Woven in braids, the hair does not interfere, which is especially important for students. With collected hair is not hot in summer, you can wear a couple of days shagreen, which is very practical.


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