Letizia Ortiz hair, waves and curls.

Letizia Ortiz hair

Letizia Ortiz from smooth to wavy, medium long hair with waves and curls for the Queen of Spain who follows the 2020 hair trend and confirms that it is not true that after 40 years you have to cut your hair

The image of a queen is that of the country, Letizia Ortiz knows the rules well and once again surprises with a trendy look: the wavy fold with her hair wavy hair. Here is the new styling of the Queen of Spain.

Letizia Ortiz medium long wavy hair

The old adage that a woman after 40 or near 50 must cut her hair has long been overcome, celebs demonstrate, but the latest confirmation comes from the 47-year-old Queen of Spain who shows her new hairstyle in the last images.

After many months of straight hair, fake bob and a few cignons for the most important occasions, the Queen of Spain changes her look to follow the new spring summer 2020 hair trends and moves to wavy wavy hair.

A smooth dark hair that is shiny and healthy like hers has only to gain with a new hairstyle, in addition to the fact that wavy hairstyles that are back in fashion, soften the features and are often more elegant than a straight and straight hair.

Letizia of Spain the latest outfit

When it comes to Letizia Ortiz, it is impossible not to even notice the latest dress that the queen wore on her recent public occasion at the international contemporary art fair held in Madrid.

The dress worn is a midi dress (in fact it seems that the Spanish queen is only focusing on midi lengths or below the knee recently) with a floral print on a red background

As for the accessories, shoes with heels, lobe earrings and the ring from which she never separates that her daughters gave her. The sober tricco completes the look of the most sober, modern and elegant European queen.


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