Layered Haircuts 2019

Layered Haircuts 2019

Layered haircuts enjoy enormous popularity within what is 2019 fashion, as they adapt to all cut styles and all lengths. The layers become one of our main allies when it comes to adding more interest, volume and movement to our hair.

They help us achieve a natural movement in our hair regardless of the length that has been adopted for it, since both long hair and short and medium hair can benefit from the attractiveness that layers have to offer.

Layered long hair

The layers are ideal for long hair, as they can give volume to fine and sparse hair, but can also remove volume to overly abundant or curly hair. Loose and soft waves are one of the most popular hairstyles for this type of cut.

They allow us to frame our face in a refined and tasteful way. They can be accompanied by bangs, since they are two great trends and they are also perfectly compatible in the same look. Both the tight and straight bangs and long side of the face, become excellent options to remove monotony to a long hair. Bangs are also the best way to frame the face and inject a touch of modernity and elegance to most haircuts.

Layered short hair

If you have short hair and you are looking for a renewal, layers are an excellent option. The most trendy hairstyle for this type of cuts are the soft waves, so if your hair has a tendency to undulate naturally, this cut is perfect for you.

You can resort to the Bob cut, who for several years is the favorite within the short hair, and that can be sensational accompanied by layers.

That is why we present to you by means of photos some cuts that play with the layers as the main element. Check out.

Haircut long layers

These types of layers are very soft. They are definitely recommended for those who seek a feminine and delicate image. They look very well accompanied by a bangs to one side, which adds more interest to the look.

We are facing the images of one of the most popular haircuts for women in recent years. This cut is favorable for girls who have straight hair. We know that many also like shoulder-length hair, because without being really short it is not long either, a medium mane that is very easy to comb and very practical for day to day. Although we must make the proviso that the trend par excellence in these times is: the back is slightly shorter, the classic Long Bob cut line A.

It is a perfect style for a young girl as it is also for an adult woman. It is advantageous for those who work and study, or have an accelerated life because you do not have to invest a lot of time in achieving a beautiful hairstyle. It can be worn or very stylized or as in the following image or with a disheveled effect that you will definitely love.

Haircuts short layers

You can also choose well-defined layers. They are a very simple way to add dimension to hair that has a very smooth texture.

Blonde, redhead or brunette, anyone looks good with this style. It looks great with straight or slightly wavy hair.


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